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Nothing feels better than earning a passive income, even if it’s just pennies here and there. This is because it all adds up and it is better to start ‘now’ rather than never. In this article, we will discuss the best micro investing app.

Micro investment applications are breaking down barriers to traditional investment this is a great thing for new investors. With micro-investment, you don’t need to buy in bulk because you are investing in fractional stocks. Many of the apps help you select the best investments for your financial situation and goals.

The best part is that microfinance will give you tangible results that show you how investing your money works.

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What is micro investment?

Basically you are investing with small amounts of money and some of these apps refer to this as additional exchange investment. Most of these apps invest on such a small scale by buying fractional shares of ETFs.

ETFs are fundamentally different because they track a broader set of assets rather than individual stocks. Diversification is good, and micro-investment apps help you achieve portfolios that are carefully maintained and tailored to your risk tolerance and financial goals.

Below are 5 investment apps that you can choose from:

1. Acorns

Acorns is now one of the most popular micro investment apps with its free time investment version, which they call Round-Ups. Is that how it works:

  • Link a debit or credit card to your Acorns account.
  • When you make a purchase with your linked card, Acorns will save that amount up to the next dollar.
  • Acorns make a difference to your funding source and invest for you.

For example, if you spent $ 4.37 on a latte, Acorns will save that transaction up to $ 5 and invest the difference of $ 0.63. If you want to get more out of those rounding’s you can apply 2x, 3x, or 10x multipliers. If your multipliers are set to 3x, that $ 0.63 becomes $ 1.89 that Acorns invests for you. Acorns micro investment app also has a money finder function. It is an extension of Google Chrome that helps you earn extra money by investing when you buy from any of the more than 350 different associated companies, including Hulu, Nike, Apple, etc.

2. Stash

With more than 30 different investment portfolios, Stash can make it easy to invest in a portfolio that suits your dreams and beliefs. They have custom wallets that focus on clean energy, social media, and travel providers, to name a few. This can be a great option when you want to invest in specific industries but don’t have the money to buy individual company shares.

You get a decision on what you want to invest each month and all exchanges are free. To get started, you will need to make an initial investment of $ 5 and the recurring fee is $ 1 per month. When your account balance reaches $ 5,000, Stash will charge you a 0.25% annual administration fee.

3. RobinHood

Robinhood is the first completely free app to trade individual stocks. There are no account maintenance fees or trade commissions. If you want to exchange options or have access to afterhour’s operations, you will have to pay $ 10 per month. For the average investor, they will never pay a property to Robinhood.

Although Robinhood is completely free, there is a small price to pay. Robinhood is mobile only and does not offer investment research or portfolio advice. This app is the cheapest way to buy individual stocks, but you probably still want to keep your traditional brokerage.

4. Clink

Clink will invest in six different Vanguard ETFs based on their risk tolerance. Clink allows you to link your checking account and add a set amount each month, or you can withdraw a certain percentage of all food purchases and purchases by connecting your credit or debit card.

It costs $ 1 a month to use Clink with an account balance of $ 5,000 or less (0.25% later). Existing Clink users can use the service for free if they registered before July 1, 2016. If you are one of these privileged customers, keep your Clink account open.

5. Betterment

While you may think of Betterment as a place to hide your top investments, as it is technically a “theft advisor”, you only need $ 1 to trade. Upgrade may be your best option on this list as there are no trading fees and you get a better investment for your money with a feature rich platform.

You choose how much you want to invest each month and Betterment invests it all in an ETF portfolio. The account’s annual fee is 0.25% of your account value and you get an automatic re balance of the portfolio and a tax deduction for that price. Plus, you also have access to your financial experts and customer support team.


Before you go, I hope this article about the best micro investing app is helpful and informational for you.


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