Tax Deductions for Professional Athletes

There are a number of tax deductions and issues that are exclusive to professional athletes. To understand the laws and how they relate to your dollars in dollars. You can save and allow you to keep the correct documents to qualify for deductions. Our knowledge and experience in this industry allows us to simplify a process that would otherwise be complex. You will never have to collect tax documents complete the organizer send a statement or make a payment.  We take care of everything. So now we will talk about tax deductions for professional athletes.

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Tax Deductions for Professional Athletes

How Does it Work Professionally?

Their respective teams pass with each professional baseball player as employees. As an employee, there are specific income tax rules on costs that are deductible. These costs are generally deducted from your tax return as business expenses of the employees.


Tax Deductible Examples:

Incidental food and travel costs

The tax law allows a taxpayer traveling for commercial purposes to deduct “normal.  And necessary” travel expenses, including meals, tips, local trips (such as a taxi fare, car rental and other modes of transportation). Other miscellaneous expenses. Taxpayers have the option of documenting their actual costs or deducting a daily amount by tax law. You should discuss your particular situation with your tax preparer to find out which method is most beneficial for you.

Temporary Housing

Temporary living costs may be deductible under certain circumstances. The law states that these costs are deducted if they remain temporarily (generally less than one year) and the convenience of your employer. Many players in the league fall into this category. In most cases the living costs of a player competing at the highest level of the league will not be deductible.  Due to the uncertain nature of the period of stay. Each case must be examined independently to see if it is eligible for deduction.

Duties of the clubhouse

The duties of the clubhouse are deductible as normal business expenses. These fees are best paid by check and therefore documentation is acceptable to support the payment. If you cannot pay by check request your records from the clubhouse manager.

Health club and training costs

Most of the air conditioning and training costs incurred by professional athletes are deductible as a detailed miscellaneous deduction.


Most of the equipment purchased by a professional athlete used in the competition.  Or training is fully deductible or can be deducted by deducting depreciation for several years.

Duties of the Union

Union duties paid to Major League baseball players are deductible as a miscellaneous deduction.

What Can Not Be Deducted?

  • Clothing: only specific clothing can be deducted from the garment. Appropriate clothing for use in outdoor situations (e.g., suits, casual wear, etc.) is an unacceptable personal cost.
  • Personal effects: Watches, jewelry, extravagant electronics, etc. they are inadmissible personal expenses. A limited amount of electronic equipment may qualify for the tax deduction.
  • Vehicles: Only a limited amount of vehicle costs are allowed as a deduction (unless the player has an approved external income). Parking fees, tolls, etc. are allowed. Directly associated with baseball as a deduction.
  • Temporary life: Rentals paid for temporary housing arrangements are not normally deductible. There are exceptions, but they are generally limited to exceptional circumstances (trades, injury rehabilitation, etc.).
  • Cell phones: deductible cell phones may be partly a deductible cost. They are rarely fully deductible.
  • Gifts: monetary and commodity gifts cannot be deducted, except for very minimal quantities. Gifts for friends and family can never be deducted.
  • Personal costs: other items of a personal nature cannot be deducted. License, furniture, house renovation, etc.


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