Best Lead Generation Websites

Best Lead Generation Websites: Getting the Lead Generation Tools To Boost Your Sales

Here are 9 of the best lead generation websites for getting more leads and website visitors for your business.


1. HubSpot

HubSpot is a standout amongst the most acclaimed lead generation websites.

HubSpot is a full marketing suite, however you don’t have to download anything.

Instead, you login via their website to manage your contact data.

It is very thorough and gives you the capacity to use the CRM, marketing hub, sales hub and services hub.

You can use a lot of automated features to save time and you can get started on HubSpot for free and upgrade later on as your business grows.

It also works for bloggers.

For example, a visitor may finish reading one of your blog entries.

You can set up HubSpot suggestions in the blog article that takes them to a presentation page with a lead magnet.

In summary, HubSpot is one of the most popular lead generation websites to get started with.


2. Lead Forensics

Lead Forensics is all about converting your website visitors into sales.

Many websites get web visitors who disappear and never return once they exit the site.

Therefore, Lead Forensics encourages you to connect with your website leads and you can obtain the contact details immediately.

The best part about Lead Forensics is that gives you a chance to speak to more of the leads that went unnoticed before.

This lead generation website links to your own website so that you g more contact data into your funnel.

In summary, you don’t need to invest as much of your energy pursuing ineffective leads.


3. Growbots

What I love about Growbots is you get access to over 200 million contacts.

Subsequently, you set up your campaigns and email a targeted segment of the contacts and you can get up automated follow-ups.

Out of all of the suggestions in this article, I would say that this one is my preferred methods because they are giving you access to a traffic source, or decision makers in other words.

Growbots is broadly touted as the ‘artificial intelligence for deals’.

This is because of its utilization of gigantic databases of contacts and clever recommendation system that only suggests similar responsive prospects.

Growbots will pick a customized rundown of the best prospects in your field utilizing a database of in excess of 200 million contacts.

You can likewise import your very own prospects to Growbots.

You can set up a mechanized battle plan utilizing Growbots!

Growbots guarantee that they can improve your marketing crusade results by up to 40% in a month.



While pretty much every lead generation tool centres around email marketing or asocial networking is different.

This is the place sparkles the most – telephone prospecting.

This lead generation tool is known to take your telephone prospecting, cold pitching, and deals to an unheard of level. is particularly helpful for you if your organization exclusively depends on cold pitching, cold calling and generating meetings for sales. can immediately dial out from Salesforce with Native Click-to-Call and leave pre-recorded voice messages for leads.


5. Extole

Extole is a great website for focusing on the influencer marketing method.

If you have an interesting brand you can find brand advocates that promote your business to their community and friends.

Referrals are very amazing with regards to prospecting and lead generation.

Many companies have used Extole to transform clients into their most solid supporters, who help to create more leads by gaining more exposure online.

You can use the platform to give your customers an incentive for sharing and advertising your business.


6. Zoominfo

If you would still like to try buying data then Zoominfo is one of the best for getting targeted leads.

ZoomInfo is a standout amongst the best to connect you with the correct individuals and right organizations.

ZoomInfo completes the entire procedure of prospecting and lead generation from start to finish utilizing three basic and significant roads.

Some of the features include:

Inquiry Contacts and Companies – Find gainful and reasonable prospects dependent on industry, area, organization estimate, organization income, work title and work capacity. Furnished with a tremendous database, ZoomInfo gives access to enormous direct dials and email addresses.

Manufacture Targeted Lists – ZoomInfo empowers organizations to locate their best prospects and purchasers. 

Deal with Your Database – ZoomInfo empowers organizations to keep the contact and record information precise and exceptional. 


7. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

I have used LinkedIn to generate many targeted connections and leads.

Presently, I have almost 30,000 LinkedIn connections that I engage with.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator takes it to the next level.

By using the LinkedIn advertising options you can save time and contact more potential clients.

I find that LinkedIn is particularly for B2B organizations and small business owners who can react quickly.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator really does help with creating leads and developing your business.

For one, LinkedIn is a website with the highest quality clients and the most well-paid.

You can also see who has seen your profile.

It additionally enables you to import new leads into your organization’s CRM straight from LinkedIn.

There are no two ways about it – if you are growing a small business LinkedIn is a standout amongst the best lead generation websites.

What’s more, LinkedIn Sales Navigator makes the lead generation procedure easier to improve your ROI.

You can choose from 3 different contracts with LinkedIn Sales Navigator:


8. Callingly

Numerous small business owners neglect the importance of having a funnel or automated business system.

However, it is vital for saving time and making more money.

Callingly uses this system to speed up outbound lead generation.

Calls are triggered from any landing page or CRM to get customers on the phone with your sales time quicker.

When you incorporate Callingly with an online system, calls will begin flowing in leading to more sales.

This spares your sales reps from missing important calls from potential customers.

What’s more, the best part is – it isn’t just productive and powerful yet in addition significantly simple to set up.


9. LeadQuizzes

As the name proposes, LeadQuizzes benefits organizations in their lead generation procedure by convincing their prospects to take up a test.

Presently, this strategy is cherished by people eager to gain feedback and customer opinions.

To get their results the prospects need to initially input their email addresses.

LeadQuizzes is likewise viable to bring down your lead acquisition costs since it decreases the time you spend on catching each lead.

What I find interesting about LeadQuizzes is that it helps you double your leads without the need to increase traffic to your site.

This strategy gives you an adept and educational knowledge into the brains of your prospects.

Therefore, organizations can get a great measure of trends and capture quality leads at the same time.

In summary, I hope that this list of the best lead generation websites encourages you to get more sales for your own online business.


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