Best Free Blogging Platform

6 Best Free Blogging Platform Options

Here are 6 of the best free blogging platform options for you to set up today. Personally, I would recommend WordPress because it is the best to earn money from blogging.


1) Wix:

If you want something quick and easy it’s worth considering Wix.

The platform is a drag-and-drop configuration with HTML5 capabilities.

In addition, you will get more than 500 templates created putting this high as the best free blogging platform.

There are numerous additional features and applications, as well as, excellent hosting so you can be sure that your site will be there when you need it.

Also, you get 500MB of storage and 1GB of bandwidth with a free Wix account.

Whereas, if you need more, in addition to other functions such as your own domain and the online store, check the premium plans.


2) WordPress:

If you go by my recommendation, WordPress is the best to use.

It is highly reliable and almost a third of the Internet works with the platform.

It’s easy to see why.

In, you can create a completely free blog, with a relatively custom size.

Alternatively, most of the WordPress web sites are offered as a free installation with just one click, and you can find more information on what can be found on

If you want to set up your own website, or blog, I highly recommend Bluehost. It will give you the best advantage to earn money with your website. Using my link it starts at only $3.95/month – which is a great offer.  Bluehost is the best web hosting package that gives you a FREE Domain, 1-Click WordPress Installation. Get started here.

However, newbies to online marketing may feel reluctant to use WordPress at first.

But its the best free option for anyone who wants a great combination of power, customization and ease of use.


3) Blogger:

Blogger is considered to be a good free blogging platform.

It is also owned by Google and if you add valuable content it will gain organic traffic more easily.

Log in with your Google ID, and you can have a blog for up in a few seconds, and then you can adapt it with new topics.

There’s no need to be a perfectionist with Blogger because it is so easily to edit and update your posts.

However, it is a Google service, so be careful because they control it and can change things anytime.


4) Medium:

Medium is a fabulous platform for serious writers and bloggers who believe content is everything.

The result is a socially focused place that focuses on writing content and viewing other people’s content.

It is a blog site for those who want words to be taken seriously.

In my opinion, Medium is better for syndicating your content and using another platform that gives you more personalization and control.


5) Svbtle:

Svbtle is described as a “blogging platform designed to help you think”.

Svbtle is very similar to Medium in its approach and it looks like a no thrills writing dashboard.

If you need to focus it is an elegant experience that stimulates writing.

It could be your favorite blog platform for writing activity, but again it depends on if you do not want to take care of any website customisation or maintenance.


6) Ghost:

This is a little different for our final entry.

Ghost is the best free blogging platform that is open source and also includes a built-in fully managed infrastructure.

Unlike the others on this list, the amount you pay for a Ghost blog depends on the amount of traffic you receive, although there is a free 14-day trial available.

Otherwise, pricing plans start from $36 per month.

Importantly, you must have a technical mind for this blogging platform.

Then again WordPress is another option if you are willing to get your hands dirty and your own build a profitable blog.

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