How Can I Make Money Blogging?

How Can I Make Money Blogging? Learn the Google Strategy Needed to Make Money Off a Blog

Sites and blogs are now very popular and it is leading more newbies to ask, ‘‘How can I make money blogging?’

In fact, there are hundreds of people who have earned millions of dollars by doing blogging full-time.

But what can inspire you to start a blog in the first place?

When your starting up, the site can be created for many reasons.

Some pages are put up for private or self-expression, like in the case of most blogs.

Other sites are made to connect with their friends and family members.

Additionally, some blogs are started for business development and to give value to different communities.

Importantly, you have to keep a clear focus on the purpose of your blog and then the money will begin to flow easily.

how can i make money blogging


Starting a Blog For Business

Nowadays many websites are made for business operations due to the rising popularity of online stores.

They are known and hailed by many all over the world because they are a convenient plus, the products they offer are varied and fashionable.

This is the reason a lot of people engage in ways on how best to make money off a website and want to know the answer to how can I make money blogging.

However, as there are so many people who put up similar business website or blog, standing out is difficult.

A business can only afford to reach a particular market segment in their immediate target.

This means that is being found by an online user without referrals or promotions is a slim probability.


Growing Your Blog With Google and SEO

Therefore, in order to really grow your blog and get more readers you have to find a way to blow up your website traffic.

In the list of strategies about how best to make money off a website, being one of the top search engine results is important.

Creating a website among the first to be pulled up by search engines is both simple and hard.

It is easy to create a website that has the perfect topic and quantity of keywords.

It is just as easy to ensure that the backlinks to the website are placed strategically.

However, with probably a hundred or so sites doing the same, then the difficulty is determined by the positioning of a brand.

Hence, importance must be given to the way a website or website can attain high Page Ranks by the very famous search engine that is Google.


I will share some tips on this now:

  • The search engine judges business websites and high Google Page ranks via the keywords they use and the votes they get from other sites.
  • These are the top two major factors that Google believes play a huge role in getting high Page Ranks.
  • For the business website to be among the top results for a specific search, it must include the keywords being looked up in the first location.
  • Of course, if internet users are searching for “writing jobs,” why would a website be among the high-ranked pages if it does not even mention these words in its content?
  • The goal should be for the business site to be relevant to what the users want.
  • If Google sees this, it wouldn’t be afraid to pull up the site for the end users to see.
  • Another element that Google believes is the votes that the website or blog gets.
  • By Google ranking definition, votes are the number of instances that a particular blog or website put up in its webpage a link to another site.
  • Virtually, they are popularly called backlinks.
  • Google will give higher ranking to the sites or sites that have their links posted in many third-party pages.
  • This is because Google considers backlinks as votes of confidence and trust on what the site contains.
  • The more sites that can refer to the page, the better the content appear to be.
  • This can very well make Google decide that the business website or website would be very useful to the users.



In summary, there is no golden goose for getting a lot of website visitors from Google to make money.

In contrast, it comes down to your consistency and the value that you provide to a community.

Yet, getting Google to increase site ranking is a great strategy that brings in business.

In the world where there are several choices presented to customers, getting Google to recommend your site is one of the main methods for how can I make money blogging.

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