Best Computer Monitor For Music Production


Best Computer Monitor For Music Production: Top 3 Picks

Are you looking for the best computer monitor for music production? We have picked out the 3 top options to help you with your decision. See the short summaries below.


  1. Adam Audio A7x Studio Monitor

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Feature And What We Like About It:

Here is the first one to check out for the best computer monitor for music production. After various honors and numerous outstanding surveys, it’s difficult to disregard the Adam Audio AX arrangement of studio monitors to use wtih a computer. They have a forcefully incredible vibe about them that emanates vitality. You can detect that these will be magnificent just by being in a similar room. The A7X isn’t exactly the highest point of this range yet the ones in all likelihood going to fit into the broadest scope of studio circumstances.


The A7X is adjusted, it’s adaptable it adapts to wide seething frequencies without destroying you. It’s humbly estimated but then has a strong and knowing bass reaction. The exactness made German X-ART tweeter is controlled by a 50w A/B intensifier while the bass and mid-woofer are driven by a 100w PWM enhancer. It’s about tidiness and exactness, reproducing the precise sonic subtleties regardless of how little. They have a profundity of tone, a lucidity of the picture that has reverberated with sound specialists and Producers.


On the back, you get a solitary XLR adjusted info and the arrival of the uneven RCA. Three recessed controls enable you to change the low, mid and tweeter freely. They are intended to be set and after that disregarded as these speakers will never leave the space once introduced.


We are getting into genuine cash with the AX range however on the off chance that you like the Adam Audio apProach yet have a little spending plan, at that point they’ve as of late discharged a “T Series” which means to carry their skill to the home studio end of the market.




  • Versatile


  • Sonically spotless and exact




  • Expensive


  • Probably unreasonably incredible for little rooms

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  1. Yamaha HS8


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Feature And What We Like About It:

Anybody looking for speakers needs to check out this Yamaha HS8. They do pursue on from the legacy of the incredible NS10s yet with the kind of imProvements and refreshed innovation that makes the HS8 truly great. Simply take a gander at them – quiet, downplayed, smooth, Professional, none of the razzmatazz of the ROKITs, these are enlightened speakers for the observing ear. You can likewise get them in white, however… .. No, dependably get them in dark.


The HS8 is the bigger of the range and somewhat forcing however for the bigger room these are going to shake, or move, or jazz or whatever sort you’re playing with. It’s siphoning out 120w of intensity through a liberal 8″ woofer, the kind of vitality you’ll feel in your chest. No requirement for lopsided sources of info, this is for TRS and XLR as it were. A smidgen of tone control on the back encourages you to tune them into your space.


The recently structured bi-intensified drivers and logically ported fenced in areas help convey astonishing exactness and straightforwardness. They won’t make your blends sound great naturally, they’ll call attention to all the Problems that you didn’t understand were there and allow you to fix them.


On the off chance that the HS8 is going to make you feel little, at that point do think about the 5″ or 6.5″ options.




  • Classic yet refreshed sound


  • Accurate and straightforward


  • Look impressive


  • Well evaluated




  • Not perfect for little rooms

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  1. Neumann KH120

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Feature And What We Like About It:

Neumann has unparalleled notoriety for the start of the studio sign chain. Their amplifiers are unbelievable. Their speakers have been a later improvement, however, they have effectively gained a lot of admirers for their conservative size and punchy, straightforward and point by point sound.


They are not the most upscale of speakers you’ll find. Truth be told, they’ll give Genelec a keep running for their cash as the strangest looking studio monitors. It’s everything bends and numerically right lines that give them a fairly dated look. Be that as it may, they more than compensate for it in the dazzling portrayal of frequencies. The construct quality is additionally great, and these things are never going to cushion or self-destruct.


The Neumann KH120s are about greatest sign devotion and particularly moulded homeless people over the whole, impartially structured recurrence reaction. At the end of the day, they sound astounding. The bends and the plan guarantee an adaptable listening position with its Mathematically Modeled Dispersion waveguide. Bass reaction is constantly monitored and the advanced driver configuration keeps it clean right down to 50Hz.


The acoustic controls offer a 4-position bass, low-mid and treble change enabling it to sit easily in a different scope of acoustical situations. The rundown of features is extremely long. It’s a masterclass in configuration even down to the dimmer switch on the sparkling Neumann logo just in the event that you think that its irritating.




  • Designed by scientific displaying


  • Comprehensive acoustic controls


  • Reasonably evaluated




  • Odd looking some people say


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