Best Sounding Outdoor Rock Speakers

A party or barbecue is not an event without some explosive tunes to distort the neighbors. Or at least persuade them to join. All the jokes aside though if you have fifty not to mention a high-quality sound system in your backyard. Around the garden or patio can add something special to the atmosphere not to mention the value of the property. At the very least, it’s a good conversation starter and background noise. Here is a short list of the 5 best sounding outdoor rock speakers that I have put together for you.

1. OSD Audio RX550 Outdoor Rock Speaker:

Best Sounding Outdoor Rock Speakers 1

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The RX550 Audio OSD is just what it promised on the tin: a rock-shaped two-way speaker designed for outdoor use. The enclosure is made as a coarse-grained block of rock and is available in three colors: brown, gray, and white, if you want to blend it in with the overall hue of the garden (no pun intended).

Of course, it should not be said that the enclosure is completely waterproof, capable of withstanding the rain, looking for heat, wind, and salt mist, whatever. Acoustically speaking, it is an inert enclosure, allowing for realistic sound reproduction. That makes these speakers very suitable for watching the Super bowl with a few people.

2. Klipsch AWR-650-SM Outdoor Rock Speaker:

Best Sounding Outdoor Rock Speakers 2

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Whether you’re looking to rejuvenate your pool area or just enjoy the garden, getting a decent outdoor sound system seems like a good idea, and the Klipsch AWR-650 is definitely a good option. . Plus, as the name suggests, this is a relatively indoor speaker too, although it really stands out when you put it outdoors. It is available in a granite or sandstone finish, which will float your boat.

The cabinet is made of durable UV resistant plastic, fully capable of surviving the worst the elements can wear out, and without much maintenance to begin with. It might be a bit more than you’re comfortable using your speaker, but make sure you listen to where every penny went. You should be able to find a speaker for around $ 275 to $ 325.

3. Theater Solutions 2R6G Granite Rock Speaker:

Best Sounding Outdoor Rock Speakers 3

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Theater Solutions 2R6G Rock Speakers are best for people who are on a slightly limited budget but are not willing to compromise on quality melodies. As for the price, it is safe to say that the rich sound and tight bass these speakers provide exceed all expectations. In fact, if the phrase “bang for the buck” ever made sense, then you’re talking about it.

It probably shouldn’t be said by now that the speakers are completely waterproof and should last quite a while, all year long, even without additional protection. Still, why push your luck for you? Cover it with a tarp and tie it along the cord for the winter, and relax easily.

4. Niles RS6 Pro Weatherproof Rock Loudspeaker:

Best Sounding Outdoor Rock Speakers 4

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Niles RS6 Rock Speaker is one of those rare products that delivers on promises, and it is a 2-way speaker. Not only is the cabinet completely waterproof, but the design is also unique in that it has some bumps and bumps, compared to most other rock speakers that look like escape blocks. Still, the hyper-realistic design is far from its main selling point.

The loudspeaker is designed for extreme environmental conditions, with weather protection beyond military grade regulations. It’s UV and water resistant so you can just plug it in and forget about it.

5. OSD Audio RX640 6.5 ″ Rock Outdoor Speakers:

Best Sounding Outdoor Rock Speakers 5

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Check out these OSD speakers designed to look like a rock. The speakers come in pairs and feature a 6.5-inch woofer with a polypropylene cone and a sealed vocal coil. The loudspeakers also have a 1”tweeter made of dome-shaped, coaxial polyamide with an aluminum coating; offering an excellent variety and clarity of sounds. They provide a frequency response of 35 Hz to 22,000 Hz and are rated at 150 watts; providing enough power for most garden events. They also provide 91dB sensitivity; which is good for any speaker; inside or outside. You will need to run them on an 8 ohm system.

The speakers are available in sandstone or granite gray and are sold in pairs with a one-year warranty. They aren’t wireless, but they are great value for money between $ 100 and $ 150.

Before you go, I hope that this above article best sounding outdoor rock speakers will be become helpful and beneficial and also helps you to find best one.

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