Best Computer For Sound Engineering

Best Computer For Sound Engineering: Top 4 Options

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1. MacBook Pro Retina

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  • Ready to use out-of-the-container.


  • Solid execution and quality.


  • Little driver or programming issues with a Mac framework.


  • Comes with Garageband (which is incredible for apprentices)




  • Small SSD space. Insufficient for keeping huge examples.


  • Expensive.


  • May need enough ports.


  • Not entirely upgradable.


  • RAM just up to 16GB.


  • Slower processor contrasted with numerous different Windows workstations.


Feature And What We Like About It:


Why? Since it basically works. I’m not going to talk about the war between PC or Macs for Music Production however having utilized both and while it truly comes down to individual inclination, despite everything I lean toward utilizing a MacBook Pro over any Windows PC to create Music.


With a MacBook Pro (the Retina 2015 model), you get all that you have to make Music right away. Quick SSD drive, Core Audio, RAM, battery life and CPU capacity to take on most Music Production requests.


To be completely forthright, the current MacBook Pro model with the touch bar isn’t terrible. The explanation I didn’t feature it here is that of the requirement for more ports on a PC for Music Production. The present model needs more ports without utilizing a dongle.


Most MIDI controllers and sound interfaces all work on a USB3 association. What’s more, to be completely forthright, the touch bar on the new MacBook Pros doesn’t really support your Production work process.


One more thing. In case you’re wanting to purchase the MacBook Pro and need to include more RAM, don’t purchase the 13″ model and redesign the RAM. Rather, it bodes well to purchase the 15″ base model as it accompanies 16GB RAM introduced, together with an i7 processor.

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Check out my favourite picks-

2. Razer Blade Stealth 13.3″


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  • Solid execution and quality.


  • Has USB-C. One of the most dominant USB associations with date.




  • Expensive.


  • Little choice for updates.


  • There are less expensive other options in case you’re after all other options have been exhausted.


Feature And What We Like About It:


In the event that you’ve been around the web searching for a great PC, you may have caught wind of the Razer Blade Stealth. This PC is incredible from various perspectives for Music Production and here are a few reasons why.


It has the eighth era Quad Core i7-8550U that will manage all your DAW and modules preparing. It accompanies 16GB of RAM which tragically isn’t upgradable however should work for a voyaging maker. Moreover, it additionally has an NVIDIA® GeForce GTX 106, which will be additional assistance for your RAM use while creating Music, as it’ll help with some module handling.


A decent Feature is the touchscreen show, so you could the truth be told, utilize the touchscreen to change your sound modules and draw robotization. The standard SSD stockpiling that accompanies it, is a 256GB SSD, yet you can update it to 512GB. The 1TB variant will cost you a considerable amount more, and I predict most Music makers utilizing an outside hard circle with the Razer Blade.


Be that as it may, a speedy workaround is to utilize the USB-C port, where you can utilize an outer SSD or HDD to stack any of your undertakings, modules or virtual instruments effortlessly. While the USB-C is entirely quick, ensure you get an outside drive, ideally an SSD that is sufficiently quick to stack and spare examples.


Despite the fact that the Razer Blade Stealth is showcased for gaming, where you’ll be putting down cash for the plan and the designs card, the workstation will perform extraordinary for any Music Production utilization.

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3. Dell XPS 15

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  • Beautifully planned and strong


  • Very pleasant presentation


  • Powerful. Costly models accompany Nvidia illustrations card.




  • No choice to have 2 stockpiling drives.


  • Pricier alternative. You pay for the assemble quality and brand


Feature And What We Like About It:


The Dell XPS arrangement is a PC arrangement that has been around for quite a while. The Dell XPS 15 is additionally one of the hottest 15-inch workstation you can purchase for Music Production.


Not at all like numerous other Chinese-caused Laptops which to can be very wobbly with its assemble, you’ll welcome the solid and premium form of the XPS 15, its decent borderless showcase, the touch deck and how thin profiled the PC is. It’s truly a marvel of a workstation.


Execution shrewd, there are not many models you can browse, contingent upon your financial limit. However, be educated that the Dell XPS is pricier than other Laptops with a similar presentation, because of the construct and segment quality.


The section model beginnings at $999 with the seventh-gen i3 processor. I’d encourage you to knock your financial limit up and get the $1249 model that accompanies the seventh-gen i5 processor at an absolute minimum. Or on the other hand, even better, get the model with the i7 processor to future-evidence your workstation buy.


The section model games a 7200RPM hard plate drive which would be fine for Music Production, however in case you’re apprehensive about hitting into bottlenecks with the capacity drive speed, get the better quality models that accompany SSD.


The RAM on each model is upgradable to 32GB, making it perfect for Music Production. There’s additionally a lot of ports from USB3.0 to Thunderbolt, so availability in the studio shouldn’t be an issue.

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4. Rox Box (MC M7 S)




  • Made for Music Production.


  • Lifetime telephone and email support by professional sound equipment and programming specialists.


  • Extremely adaptable towards your needs and spending plan.


  • It comes with master sound preparing from OBEDIA.




  • It’ll accompany an expense.


  • Favors middle and professional makers who comprehend what they need. As an apprentice, you may do OK on typical Laptops.


Feature And What We Like About It:


Rox Box  makes Laptops and computers for Music makers. What you get isn’t off the rack essential PCs, yet particular Windows frameworks changed explicitly for proficient sound. Contrasted with many off-the-rack Laptops, where drivers are worked by Windows, PC AudioLabs take it further by tweaking the drivers explicitly for Music Production.


The MC Mobile M7s comes stuffed with an Intel® Core™ i7-7700HQ, it has the ability to deal with the entirety of your preparing in your DAW. Truth be told, the frameworks worked by PCAudioLabs (counting the MC Mobile M7s), has been utilized to score films, control DJ exhibitions and turning into the core of numerous business recording studios. Why you could update the RAM to 64GB on the off chance that you need!


Capacity insightful, you have an M.2/PCIe or a possibility for an SSD or an HDD. The entirety of the capacity can be upgradable to your needs.


Notwithstanding the acquisition of this workstation (other Rox Box items/custom PC included), PC AudioLabs likewise accompanies ace sound preparing from OBEDIA, a notable organization which calling is in helping Music makers with preparing and understanding details. This to a great extent isolates them separated even from huge organizations like Apple. They additionally accompany free lifetime telephone and email technical support in any event, when your guarantee has just reached a conclusion.


In conclusion, this workstation just yells customizability and in the event that you’d like having a PC assembled explicitly for Music Production, this one is a go.


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