Best Apps for Art Lovers

If your app usage revolves around social media, email, and transportation, you may want to inhale fresh creative energy into your smartphone rotation. Let’s talk about the best apps for art lovers who looking for new ways to embrace creativity. From an engaging digital drawing experience to artist-personalized social media, these apps will help you create and share your own art or discover the work of others, from peers to historical masters of art.

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9 Best and Amazing Apps for Artists and Art Lovers:

1. Magnus

Magnus is like Shazam to art. Take a photo of any work and the app will tell you everything you need to know the name of the artist the price. The gallery in which it is displayed and the artist’s exhibition history. The image can also be shared on social media and saved to your digital collection.

2. Artistic

This application allows you to discover galleries exhibitions and museums. As well as all the information you need for your next cultural experience. Find the perfect artwork contact galleries, and bid on live auctions. Artsy launched last year with more than 4,000 galleries 600 museums. And institutions contributing 400,000 works of art spanning the entire art world.

3. WikiArt

WikiArt is a complete must for artists. It gives you access to one of the best online art repositories. With more than 2000 artists and 110,000 works of art from around the world.

4. ArtNow

ArtNow is a global directory of exciting world-famous museums and galleries. This app tracks trending art on Instagram, collects the latest photos from each museum, and classifies them by art. Use ArtNow for inspiration and to find museums you would like to visit.

5. National Gallery

This was the first application released by a major gallery and it takes you on a special journey through the masterpieces of the National Gallery. HQ showcases artists, techniques and trends and offers live art an additional three hours of audio and video content.

6. Curiator

Originally an online platform, it is now an application for smartphones and tablets. Users add all art to Curiator. Once the viewer takes a picture of a wall sticker in a gallery, the application recognizes the name of the artist and the title of the work.

7. Finestra

If you have a white wall that you want to fill with local artwork. Finestra is the perfect app for you. Artists use the app to professionally capture, manage and promote their work in their local area. In this way, users can find the art, scale it, and see how it would look on a wall, while listening to the artist share the story behind him.

8. Photos to Art

Photos to Art is an application that allows you to print photos directly from your phone, either from Instagram, Facebook or your camera roll. Once printed on gallery quality canvas. They are placed on the fabric of your choice, so you can instantly create custom art for your home. It even has a nifty visual so you can see what the finished product will look like before placing an order.

9. ArtBookApps

Art Book Apps is a mobile publishing company that works directly with artists to bring rare pieces and global collections to the universal digital world for all to experience. The company claims that “ArtBookApps is the future of the art book,” which combines text with videos and video images to turn reading about art into its own art form.

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