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Do you want to know the average sales commission for being a self employed network marketer?

Direct Sales and Multi-Level Marketing, also called MLM, are two unique variants of home-based businesses.

The home business industry is bursting now during this economic recession as a lot more people look for different sources of income.

With more individuals looking to the internet to learn passive income there’s a large chance you will find two clear-cut kinds of home businesses.

The first one is a service based business and the second is marketing.

In fact, I believe every business is now a ‘marketing and media’ business.

However, it may become really confusing if you are trying to compare businesses.

You will need to be completely educated on each type of company to be certain that it’s a good match for you personally. before you invest in it.


What Is the Average Sales Commission?

Unfortunately, when you are a self employed marketer it is not possible to have a guaranteed average sales commission.

However, the redeeming fact is you can earn an unlimited amount of income.

And the top salespeople and marketers can earn up to 7-figures per year.

Therefore, it is smart to understand how the business works so you can imagine yourself making money with the right business model.

Sales and Multi-level marketing companies typically operate in what’s called the work from home business industry.

Most of you’ve more than likely been presented an opportunity to participate in one or both.

Some of the top MLM companies include:

  1. Amway
  2. Avon
  3. Monavie
  4. Herbalife
  5. ACN


What Companies Can Pay You Sales Commissions?

As I mentioned earlier, they’re very different so let’s have a look at each and discuss the characteristics and benefits of each before accessing them.

Multi-level advertising, sometimes known for Network Marketing, is a business model in which an individual is allowed to not just be a customer, but also have a chance to resell the merchandise.

The original member can also earn commissions on the reps that his reps bring on the team and eventually build a group of reps that he or she overrides.

Most product-based programs pay an average of 5  – 15% commission.

However, please note that MLM companies can re-evaluate their pay structure at any time and this means that as a rep will have to live with any pay cuts.

If you are selling a few products here and there then the payouts are small in real dollars.

But if you can keep getting new customers it builds up to hundreds or thousands of repeat sales long-term.


The Decision To Get Sales Commission

Making a final decision on which MLM company to join to get paid commissions gets quite complicated, however, this is also the general concept of how it works.

Direct Sales and on the other hand is what its name implies: The direct sale of the company product to the consumer.

The associate will usually pocket the commission quickly in the retail and B2B sectors.

So this may be an alternative route for you to become a success.

Direct Sales compensation plans are simple to explain as they mimic what happens in typical retail transactions, whereas Multi-level marketing plans are usually complicated for the common person to grasp if they have not been exposed to them.

Direct Sales Organizations are noted for typically having high-end merchandise with higher price tags and additionally pay a higher commission.

For example, one product can sell for $1,495 dollars and you could get an upfront commission of $1, 000.

To conclude, a lot of companies have some type of training sales attached to a full outline of the average sales commission you can expect to pocket.

Always review this before going ahead with your new opportunity.


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