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A collection of the true stories of inspirational people stepping out of their comfort zones and into the spotlight. From child entrepreneurs to grandma gamers, these people are moving the world.

Recycling Kid [0:00]:
After galling in love with recycling at just 3 year old, Ryan Hickman (now 7) has started his own company — Ryan’s Recycling Company — to help clean up the streets and save the oceans from excessive human waste.

Daddy Daughter Hair School [1:01]:
Phil Morgese started the free Daddy Daughter Hair Factory in Daytona Beach, Florida, as a way to encourage dads to spend time with their young daughters — throwing out gender norms along the way.

Ballet Boy [2:03]:
Gabe, 11, may be the only boy in his ballet class but he doesn’t let it get him down. Dance is his passion and he’s doing what he loves.

Mommy Milk Factory [3:04]:
Diagnosed with hyperlactation syndrome, Elisabeth Anderson-Sierra is donating her excess breast milk (1.75 gallons a day!) to mothers and babies in need.

Skater Girl [4:05]:
Eight-year-old Sky Brown came to America from Japan to skateboard…and she’s making plenty of waves in the process. So far, she’s become the youngest girl to compete against adults at the Vans’ Open Pro Series.

Slime Girl [5:06]:
13-year-old slime girl Kaitlinh Nguyen is a slimer, artist and entrepreneur. With more than 260,000 followers and tens of millions of views, she’s one of the highest viewed (and paid) slimers in the game.

Kid Yoga Teacher [6:08]:
After his mother beat cancer when he was just 6, Tabay picked up yoga, realizing the practice that helped his mom heal could make a difference for others. Now, he teaches donation-based classes and gives the money to foundations fighting for a cure to cancer.

Cat House [7:09]:
As the founder and director of California’s Cat House on the Kings, Lynea Lattanzio has helped save the lives of more than 30,000 cats and has dedicated the rest of her life to saving even more.

BBall Girl [8:10]:
Six-year-old Jaliyah Manuel dreams of one day becoming a superstar in the WNBA, her father is focused on making sure she has the best future ahead of her.

Grandma Gamer [9:12]:
80-year-old Shirley Curry defies grandma stereotypes by becoming one of the oldest avid Skyrim players in the world.

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