Year End Art/Craft Supply Haul {Lindsay Fell off the Konmari Wagon!}

Year End Haul {Lindsay Fell off the Konmari Wagon!} ****This was filmed weeks ago so my apologies if some comments seem dated. When I ordered these items the tax reform bill was not finalized nor passed by the time I recorded this so there was not a lot of info weather sole proprietors would still be able to deduct business expenses after this year. Now we know that we will be able to but at the time of recording that info was not available. Sorry for any confusion:) I have also added new info in the description about products I have tried already:) Happy holidays!

This year I have been very chaste with my purchases but I did want to grab some supplies for upcoming videos while the deals were good. I also got a surprise box in the mail from American Crafts/Jane Davenport that I wanted to share. I also wanted to grab some of the supplies I know I would be using in videos next year. This is a haul video, watch if you like this sort of thing:) I will link to the products in the video so you can find them too if you want. Cheers!

Set of 8 fountain pens: *These are good for the price but a couple pens needed a bit of tuning to improve ink flow. They work really well with the enclosed refillable cartridges but not so well with disposable cartridges.

Artist photo reference books. I found these on amazon, I have kept my eyes peeled for these for years and I finally found a bunch that were reasonable, these are out of print so if you find them they will be sold by small bookshops but all but two books arrived within a week. *Good luck in your search!

Art paper pads:
Grumbacher Acrylic (Tried it already and love it!)
Canson XL Mixed media rough (pages are a natural white and slightly rougher than the bright white smoother regular canson XL mixed media pads, not a huge difference other than that but I like the original so that’s fine with me)
Toned Tan and toned grey Strathmore mixed media pads:
Rendr no show through marker sketchbook:
Blick illustrator markers *So I did get a chance to look at them and they are lovely but they are exactly like the studio 71 markers by Darcie. The color names and numbers are the same and they swatch out identially. Also the 24 pack are sold out and they were a limited time product so I decided I won’t be reviewing them. I suggest you try the Blick Studio brush markers as they have a higher quality nib or if you want a budget option try the studio 71 markers

Colerase erasable colored pencils

Prismacolor Manga set (already reviewed)

Faber Castel Stencils:

China markers:
Stablo all pencils:

Arches gift set (cheap joes)
Gear stencils/masks:

Yarn, soap fragrance: A.C. Moore in store only

Citric acid for upcoming bath bomb tutorial:

Bath bomb moulds:

Jane Davenport products: Doll head pencil cup, ink, palette pad with faces and colorwheels printed on them, power pastels, beaded brush and inkredible pen: (so much good stuff here, ships worldwide!)

Phew, that was a lot of stuff, stay tuned for videos using this stuff!

Year End Haul {Lindsay Fell off the Konmari Wagon!}

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