Wild Money Tips with Luna Jaffe Creative Insurgents LIVE


Creative Insurgents Podcast with Luna Jaffe

0:50 – Melissa shares her upcoming course and some of her new art

2:30 – Melissa introduces Luna Jaffe, Certified Financial Planner and author of Wild Money, a money book for creatives

7:00 Luna explains how she accidentally ended up as a silk artist and then as a financial planner

11:30 Luna talks about how she got her silk art and clothing in front of her ideal clients

15:00 Luna talks about how beneficial trade (or barter) can be to artists – she got dental services on barter!

19:00 Where did the Wild Money book come from? How do we develop a better relationship with money

32:00 the importance of getting feedback on how you’re handling your money

38:00 the three most important things to track in order to have more money

43:00 listener questions – some really GREAT questions here

54:00 the difference between a tax preparer, a CPA, and a financial planner

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