Where To Sell Old Apple Products?

Do you have some old Apple products you no longer use? Instead of still hesitating whether to sell them or keep them, start looking for a company that specializes in purchasing used electronic devices. 

These businesses make sure customers receive free quotes after being provided with product details. The prices they offer are determined by the physical condition and performance of the gadgets. By taking such an action, you will be able to upgrade to newer Apple models and prevent e-waste from harming the environment. 

In case you are wondering where to sell old Apple products, the information below will guide you through the process. 

Where to sell them?

Nowadays, there is a multitude of privately-owned companies interested in buying old Apple products in a usable condition. Their goal is to repurpose or recycle used products in order to minimize the amount of e-waste. These companies generally purchase iMacs, Mac Pros, Mac Minis, iPhones, Apple TVs, MacBooks, MacBook Pros, iPads, iPods, MacBook Airs, etc. 

Such companies provide a solution for everyone who wishes to upgrade his/her gadgets but lacks the finances to do it. When interested in selling old Apple devices, you are only supposed to visit the sites of these companies, enter the details, and receive a free quote. 

If you find the quote satisfactory, the following step involves shipping the device after being provided with a pre-shipping label. Make sure the device is stored in a box so as not to get damaged during the trip. Once the gadget arrives at the facility, it will go through a process of testing to check if the device fits your description. 

In case it doesn’t, you will be provided with another quote, which you can either accept or decline. If you accept the offer, your payment will arrive in the course of 48 hours. Otherwise, your product will be shipped back to your home free of charge.

What to do before selling them?

Prior to selling your old Apple products, make sure to delete all personal information from the devices as part of the preparation process. The first step to take is backing up all data in order to have them for your new device once you buy one. 

Afterward, you are advised to sign out of iMessage, iCloud, iTunes, and the App Store. In order to erase all data, the best solution is to return to factory settings. Once you complete this step, the operating system can be installed again. Visit this website for some helpful tips on resetting all settings on an iPhone.

Where To Sell Old Apple Products Online

How much will you get paid? 

Companies that purchase old Apple products determine the price based on a couple of factors. The condition of the device is undeniably the most important factor to consider. These professionals will inspect the product looking for signs of physical tear, such as scuffs, a crack on the screen, damaged casing, etc. Also, they will test the overall performance of the device and its battery. 

Damaged Apple products are naturally priced lower than those in pristine condition. Additionally, if the battery is in a non-working condition, you shouldn’t hope for a high price. Once the process of inspection is completed, the gadget will receive a grade. The higher the grade, the better the deal. 

Reasons to sell them

There is a wide range of reasons for selling your used Apple gadgets to a buyback company. Getting paid quickly is only one of the benefits, as the money gets transferred in the course of several days. In contrast, by selling your devices on an auction site, you’re probably going to wait for a few weeks until an attractive offer is made. Also, you’d have to pay for shipping and the fees for using the auction site. 

Another crucial reason to sell your Apple devices instead of keeping them is the possibility to upgrade to newer technology. In general, people tend to use mobiles for a two-year period before buying new ones. If you lack the budget to purchase the newest iPhone, why not sell it and invest the money in purchasing a new model?

The environment also stands to gain from the sale of used electronic devices. The electronic components of these products can be recycled and used for the renewal of other devices, thus reducing e-waste. By leaving electronic goods in landfills, the chemical components threaten to pollute the air and water. After a while of being disposed of in junkyards, these gadgets rot, and the chemicals start harming the environment. The following link, https://www.britannica.com/technology/electronic-waste, explains the environmental impact of electronic waste and its influence on human health. 

Final word

There is no reason to keep your old Apple products if you have no intention of using them. 

Sell them for a good price!

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