What The Matrix Trilogy Was Really About

The Matrix: the action-packed sci-fi hit that blew all our minds back in 1999. Yet, as it usually goes, the sequels just didn’t do it for fans and critics alike. But there’s something else about the trilogy that’ll probably make the whole thing clearer. (So, yeah, obviously, spoilers ahead). And the first insight is that Neo’s not a human! He’s an AI cultivated in a human body!

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Who Neo is in reality 0:28

Why the One is free 1:36

Does Neo know who he is? 2:36

What do machines want from Neo? 3:13

What’s so special about Neo as the One? 4:05

What’s the role of Agent Smith? 5:15

Why Neo is so unique? 6:16

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– Neo’s a machine! Not a human, but an AI cultivated in a human body. The real kicker is that the machines created him in the first place!
– The Matrix we see in the movies isn’t the first but, in fact, the sixth cycle. And all the previous cycles had their own “One,” like Neo, who rebooted the system to stabilize it.
– In each cycle, he can actually choose not to reboot the Matrix but destroy it.
– The machines wanted to create a perfect system that would hold its inhabitants inside against all odds. They couldn’t understand the logic of rejecting the Matrix, so they needed their agent to explore the possibilities.
– Neo makes friends, falls in love, and creates all kinds of bonds with other people. In the meantime, the machines are keeping track of all of this and collecting data.
– When Neo finally came to the Architect, he chose a different path, which basically led to the destruction of the Matrix and all its inhabitants, human and program alike.
– Neo isn’t different from his predecessors at all! They’d had the same set of features built into them, and although they could be different as humans, they’d all essentially been similar to each other.
– Agent Smith is one of the programs, and his purpose is, initially, to watch over humans and rogue AI.
– The big deal is that Neo makes a unique choice that’s never been made before him: he chooses to fight the virus himself instead of just destroying everything and building a new one in the seventh cycle.
– There are all kinds of clues that Neo is a machine-made human/machine hybrid.
– It’s in The Matrix Reloaded when viewers first start getting hints thrown at them that he might not exactly be human.
– He establishes peace between the humans and the machines, lets Zion live and grow without fearing extermination, and changes the Matrix forever.

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