This Is How Robert Downey Jr Spends His Millions

Robert Downey Jr, Iron Man or also the highest paid actor in the world! But what does he do with all his millions? RDJ has worked hard to reach where he is today and he can now enjoy the luxury lifestyle of Tony Stark. From expensive sports cars, to the coolest sneakers, you will definitely wonder if he is that different from his marvel character.

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His father, Robert Downey Sr. is and was a prolific, experimental filmmaker. Often featuring his wife, RDJ’s mother, in his films. This early exposure to the fast life resulted in some challenging times for the actor, but with the help of his wife and family, he is back and better than ever. First appearing in the role of Ironman in 2008, and has appeared in 9 films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe over the last 11 years! He is now the witty hero that we all know and love.

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