What Tax Write Offs For Self Employed

What Tax Write Offs For Self Employed: 12 Tax Write-Offs You Need

Have you been left stuck thinking what tax write offs for self employed apply to you?

Many individuals simply go to local tax accountant hand over their tax info to the accountants just before the deadline for a basic tax filing service.

What they don’t know is when they take the time to uncover what tax write offs for self employed really mean they will save a ton of cash at the same time get a larger refund.

I’m talking about writing off thousands of dollars not just hundreds.

You can write off a portion of whatever cost you to build your business to earn money!….

Like these examples of expenses:

  1. Internet costs
  2. Subscriptions and apps
  3. Office expenses
  4. Furniture
  5. laptops and computers,
  6.  Mobile phones
  7. Other electronic gadgets
  8. Special tools or devices needed
  9. Special industry equipment
  10. Apparel or uniforms
  11. Food or entertainment
  12. Travel and hotels

This list can go on if you’re a company owner that has spent even more on assets or intellectual property to incur an income.


Employees and Tax Write Offs

If you’re an employee then you cannot write off anything unless let us say you own a work from home business.

Therefore, the tax write-offs above are applicable for self employed people.

If you are claiming a tax refund then this is different because the government is simply paying you back for the tax you had overpaid in the past.

If you have a lot of overseas income or you need to expat tax returns then it can become a lot more complicated with many different moving parts.

Or if you are a digital nomad and it’s time for you to complete a tax return it can be tricky to estimate how many days you were out of the country and if you get any exemptions.

For example, an employee that owns a work from home business can then write off expenses, but it’d be best to consult a pro accountant before trying to write off anything.

Here’s a list of non-allowable things which some people have composed previously:

  1. Breast implants
  2. Animal depreciation
  3. Cat food
  4. Body oil
  5. Clarinet lessons
  6. Sneakers
  7. Dentures

Some seem funny, but take this seriously folks…

Discover what the you can legally write off by consulting with a tax professional.

The continuous focus on economic news won’t get any better.

As a result, even though there is tax to pay it is better to grow your income with your own self employed vusiness.



It is your responsibility to maintain your hard-earned bucks inside your bank account.

This is taking care of your family.

If you don’t take tax write offs you could be missing out on keeping a lot more money.

Why should you leave cash on the table?

Build up your income streams and remember what tax write offs for self employed apply to you.

If you have more questions on how to start your own self employed business then put it in the comments and we will answer you today.


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