Taxes For the Self-Employed | How to file the PERFECT Income Tax Return


UPDATE (please read):
Some of my contact information has changed. The new information is as follows:
Twitter Handle = @TheSETaxGuy
New Facebook Page = /TheSelfEmployedTaxGuy
New Email =
Instagram = @theselfemployedtaxguy

Ok carry on…
Being self employed is one the greatest feats a person can achieve. It gives one a true sense of freedom and control and is like a great sun shines day until the IRS comes along and brings rain clouds.

Well… If you are looking for information on business taxes, freelance taxes, self-employed, a serial entrepreneur, a social media-preneur or or what to do with a freaking 1099-Misc or 1099-K… then you have landed on the right video. Enjoy and join the community.

Find out exactly what you need to do in order to file that perfect tax return.


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