What is Rackspace and How Does It Benefit Digital Marketers?

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Internet technologies today have made it convenient for the users to keep their data safe on a different server which can be accessed from virtually any location. This gives them the power to have multiple offices around the globe and all the employees can access the information no matter wherever they are and whatever devices they use. Rackspace is one of the popular cloud computing company that offers cloud computing services to companies all over the globe ensuring that their data is safe, backed-up and accessible from virtually any place, any device in the world.

Digital marketers all over the globe are now switching to Rackspace because it can help them to lower the cost of marketing process and at the same time they have better options to reach out to their consumers. Here are top three benefits digital marketers can avail by switching to Rackspace.

Multi-Device Support –

Information is the key to digital marketing success and therefore marketers are quickly moving to cloud platform which allows them to access the information on various devices and they no longer have to depend on their local hard drives. If the company has multiple branches across the globe, digital marketers can quickly put the information on the cloud server and other marketing employees across the globe can access it instantly.

Low Cost –

Companies today are looking out for ways to cut down their expenditure and so are the marketing professionals. Digital marketers have realized the potential of cloud computing platform which not only improves their chances to reach out to their customers, but also save money as they don’t have to spend more on creating local infrastructure and servers. They can purchase a cloud computing system and upload all the information on the cloud server and make it accessible to their employees. The cost of cloud computing service is comparatively lower than setting up an entire local infrastructure in the office.

Security –

Digital marketers are more worried about their ideas and list information being lost or stolen when they are on local hard drives. Hence, digital marketers make use of cloud computing service like Rackspace which allows them to secure their data which is on the cloud server and is backed-up regularly. Minimizing the chance to lose data is a great thing for digital marketers because they want to ensure that no idea or concept is lost due to technical glitches and errors.

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