What Is B2B Lead Generation?

What Is B2B Lead Generation – Answered in Full

Do you want to know more about what is B2B lead generation? In marketing, lead generation is the first stage of intrigue or enquiry from a potential buyer.

B2B stands for business-to-business and this refers to a professional work ethic.

For example, leads can be made for purposes such as list building, e-bulletin list procurement or for immediate deals and sales.

Related to what is B2B lead generation:

An investigation from 2014 found that immediate traffic, web crawlers, and web referrals were the three most well-known online channels for lead generation, representing 93% of leads online.

Lead generation is regularly matched with getting targeted prospects to move through the sales channel.

Or nowadays it is more common to use an automated funnel.

This blend of exercises is known as filling up the pipeline.

Pro Tip: A lead typically needs at least 7 follow-ups before a sale is made.

When the average salesman surveys and qualifies a potential lead, the lead gets changed over to an open door for business.

The open door at that point needs to become confident in their decision to buy and become certain before the sale is won.



Nowadays a lead can be given with simple information such as an email address only.

There are two sorts of leads for what is B2B lead generation: potential customers and promoting leads.

Prospective customers are produced based on statistic criteria, for example, FICO score (United States), salary, age, family pay, psychographic, and so forth.

These leads are sold on numerous lead generator data lists.

Potential customers are ordinarily followed up through telephone calls by the business.

These types of potential customers are normally found in the home loan, utilities, telecoms, insurance, mortgage, finance and money industries.

Whereas promoting leads are marketing leads created for promoting an offer online.

With this type of lead, it is common to use social media and online lead generation tools.


Here is a Case Study:

A financial specialist lead is a prospective customer.

A financial specialist lead is an individual keen on taking an interest in finance software and fits well with this industry.

Financial specialist leads are considered to have some dispensable income that they can use to partake in buying proper finance software to use with their own clients.

Therefore, a large software company will pay big bucks to get leads and clicks from financial specialists.

Financial specialist records are regularly utilized by private IT companies hoping to support their marketing efforts.

This is one example, but in actuality, there are hundreds of entrepreneurs setting up lead generation businesses online now when they learn what is B2B lead generation.

As a result, they are able to charge thousands per month per client for local business owners who desperately need more clients to talk through their doors.

Lead generation specialists focus on one industry and you can do the same thing.

Such as sales leads for gyms, accountants, dentists, lawyers, chiropractor, realtors and more.

Below I have listed 21 tools you can use for online lead generation.


21 Tools To Boost Your Result With Lead Generation:

  1. Constant Contact
  2. Datanyze
  3. Growbots
  4. Quora
  5. ClickFunnels
  6. ManyChat
  7. PadiAct
  8. Turnstile
  9. Qualaroo
  10. SlideShare
  11. LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  12. Lead Forensics
  13. Intercom Acquire
  14. Leadformly
  15. El Toro
  16. Leadberry
  17. Jumplead
  18. Wistia
  19. Blog2Social
  20. Tailwind
  21. Udimi

In summary, this is a short and concise answer to what is B2B lead generation with some actionable points you can implement today.


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