What Is a Blog And How Do You Start One

What Is a Blog And How Do You Start One? Understanding What Blog Posts Are and How to Make Money Off a Blog

Blogging is known as the internet version of diary writing. Presently, people are all over sites either creating their content or reading what others have to share. If you want to know, ‘what is a blog and how do you start one?’, this article will help you.

It has grown into a wider counterpart of social networking websites with bloggers linking to their websites.

Bloggers share with readers more of their ideas and experiences with readers in whole pages rather than short sentences.

For the most part, because it was introduced into the internet world, blogging is a personal and social activity.

Through time,  because of the popularity and good reputation that blogging has, the corporate industry also wanted to understand what is a blog and how do you start one.

This is because companies also began to acknowledge it as a great marketing tool.

Aside from that, blogging has also created a means for aspiring entrepreneurs to get started with their own earning ventures.

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Now, people are beginning to learn what is a blog and how do you start one, and the whole internet business industry is growing even more.

So now it is time for individuals like yourself to comprehend the fundamentals of owning and maintaining a blog.


How to Start a Blog

Yes, there are now some free blogging platforms that aspiring writers or business owners can simply sign up for. 

One of the biggest and easiest free blog platforms to use is Blogger, which is owned by Google.

Another way to start your blog is by using WordPress and this is my preferred method.

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People say a lot of things sounds easy.

But if the basics are taken or granted, there will be inconsistencies with growing your business.


Blog Posts

Another one of the basics is the definition of blog articles.

Blog posts refer to the content of a blogging website.

They often come in the kind of pure-text entries, mainly consisting of worded paragraphs discussing a particular topic.

These texts are casual, usually written in first- and second-person viewpoints to better relate with the readers.

Blog posts are also known to have a personal approach or touch to it.

Meaning, the subjects could be discussed based on firsthand experiences and opinions.

As the web develops to be a more interactive discipline, several blogs also have evolved to match the requirement of readers for more engaging and visual content.

Blog articles also come in multimedia forms.

There are articles called “photo-essays” where no words are used to share a specific experience.

Rather, photos after photographs are posted-usually in chronological order to tell a story.

Or, videos could be made wherein the bloggers are considered to be speaking to their readers in general.

There are even podcasts (recorded discussions that site visitors can listen to) and music recordings that are posted to suit the requirements of the target audience.

Whenever bloggers make a publication on their website is considered a blog post or article creation.


Titles and Formatting

Aside from the content though, there are other parts or sections of blog posts that are just as important.

One of these is the title, which is considered a must among bloggers and readers alike.

The name of each blog post virtually sums up everything.

People are known to base their decision on whether to continue reading by checking the title and subtitle.

Some people keep the title short and straight to the point.

Whereas, others suggest to create a long and punchy title.

Personally, most of the time I stick to a short title and a longer subtitle when I do my writing. 

That being said, the more engaging and intriguing a title is, the greater the odds are of the whole post to be read.

This is a consideration for those who are learning how to make money off a blog.


Posting Frequently

Posting dates are also important features of blog articles.

Bloggers who are seen to be able to produce content in a routine and frequent manner are considered of great value.

The information that they share is deemed timely and therefore relevant.

If you go back to update the blog post publication it is essential to add a note that it has been updated on a particular date.

Readers don’t enjoy being given information without knowing the specific month and year that it was made.

Therefore, being up-to-date is quite crucial.

I am sure that this has helped you to understand what is a blog and how do you start one, now it is over to you to get started.

Faithful in your success!

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