What Are Strategic Alternatives in a Business Plan?

What Are Strategic Alternatives in a Business Plan?

Marketing online became fiercely competitive and this may be the reason your asking, ‘What are strategic alternatives in a business plan?’.

Marketers are trying to unravel and decipher online marketing to succeed.

Some argue that there shouldn’t be a distinction between traditional marketing and online marketing.

Others feel that traditional concepts applied to mail order work well online, while still others argue that online marketing is a breed of its own.

And what works in one arena might not work in another.

While some standard practices like above the fold on material, hold true in both print and online copy, it’s rare that you see the printed typeface online the same as in printed advertisements.

Regardless, there are traditional forms of advertising which are viable and make sense to use online, but a lot of marketers don’t follow know what are strategic alternatives in a business plan.

We will explain some of it today in a simple style.


Undervalued Marketing Alternatives

These undervalued marketing opportunities aren’t the end all be all but are great supplemental channels, that compliment strong online marketing campaigns.

Here are 5 ideas for you:

1. Buyers Guides

Many print magazines offer free advertisements in buyers guides.

Buyers guides typically have a long shelf life and are seen as a product resource, meaning it’s among the first places consumers look when wanting to buy an item.

This can be set up as an online buyer guide on a website.

Frequently online magazines will include product reviews or sponsored placements in a buyers guide.

Usually, the standard listing is free, but optionally vendors may increase their exposure by adding listings in additional categories for a nominal fee.

Regardless the free listings are a great value and worth pursuing.

2. Product Reviews

The impartial overview from a reliable source can spark product interest.

A 3rd party independent review of your service or product is seen as a vote of confidence.

Following the review, be sure to thank the reviewer and if appropriate, link to the completed review.


3. Forums/Volunteering in Communities

Offering your time and expertise will establish expertise and knowledge in a specific industry.

Participants who participate in forums have a genuine interest and are a great target audience.

Posting helpful info as opposed to blatant product advertisements will enhance an image.


4. Article Syndicate

Writing quality informative and educational articles will also establish expertise.

Articles also educate users about related service or product.

On the upside, educated users require less technical help and are an easier sell because they understand how people or the service will assist them and add value to their lives.

As a result, you can reach around 100,000 new people each month easily when you have a powerful article and content strategy.


5. RSS Feeds

Provide content in a RSS feed.

While RSS has become very popular you may still find a number of sectors where very few contents are available via RSS feeds.

Placing quality content in a RSS feed and being early to market will assist your company shine.



When small companies compete with big businesses there are a variety of areas by which they can compete effectively.

This is because as a small business owner you have the ability to change instantly if needed and you can execute with speed.

Whereas, big companies are weighed down by red-tape and too many ‘decision makers’ and stakeholders pulling in different directions.

As more businesses turn to the web for learning what are strategic alternatives in a business plan, it’s essential that marketers and businesses define themselves by giving themselves every opportunity to be found.


Faithful in your success! 

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