Wall Mounted Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers

Outdoor Bluetooth speakers are a great way to enjoy wireless music outdoors. You can play your favorite music files without worrying about the cables getting tangled. With Bluetooth speakers designed for outdoor use, you can be sure of their durability. You can also be sure that such speakers will perform well in outdoor conditions that are not as pleasant as indoors. In this guide you will find the best wall mounted outdoor Bluetooth speakers that will appeal to different audiences. And chances are good that you will find the one that is right for you. There is also a portable rock-shaped solar speaker that you can easily carry in your backpack for your walking trips.

Top 5 Best Wall Mounted Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers:

1. OSD Audio AP650T

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The OSD Audio AP650T is the best value we found in an outdoor speaker. Its clarity beats anything we’ve heard from other models priced under $200 a pair. And it packs a completely powerful sound that can easily fill a typical suburban backyard. It has plenty of bass for R&B, hip-hop and rock. And its relatively high sensitivity allows it to deliver high volumes when paired with a small amp. Because it is a completely sealed design, there are no concerns about water, dust, or insects getting in. It’s better than most outdoor speakers too, with a thicker casing and sturdy, powder-coated mounting bracket.

2. Bose Free Space 51 outdoor speakers

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The 51 Space outdoor speakers have a stealthy interior design and a stealthy green color allowing them to blend in nicely with your garden. Each speaker offers 360-degree audio coverage through a 4.5-inch full-range driver. Free Space 51 speakers are designed to withstand exposure to rain, sun, snow, ice, and salt water. Bose backs the product with a 5-year warranty.

3. JBL Boombox 2

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The JBL Boombox 2 Portable Wireless Speaker has a completely waterproof construction that can withstand any weather. It can blast out thunderous sound wherever you take it, courtesy of two giant woofers as well as a pair of tweeters. If you are looking for a fully waterproof and waterproof party system, the Boombox 2 will not disappoint. Available in a black or camo finish, the outdoor speaker can deliver up to an incredible 24 hours between battery charges. You can even charge your widgets instantly.

4. Sonos move smart outdoor speaker

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Sonos Move is a portable and smart outdoor speaker that is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. The waterproof device can be controlled with voice commands as long as it is connected to a Wi-Fi network.

Move also supports Apple Airplay 2 and Bluetooth wireless playback. It’s easy to set up the speaker on its own or integrate it into an existing Sonos audio system. Best of all, Soft lets you enjoy wirelessly – it can deliver up to 10 hours of audio playback between battery charges. While the product’s included charging cradle is designed for indoor use. You can still power the Move outdoors with a compatible USB-C cable and charger.

5. Klipsch AWR-650-SM outdoor speaker

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The Klipsch AWR-650-SM is the most discreet outdoor speaker because it is designed to look like a rock so check it out. Its permanent enclosure is designed to have a rocky appearance. You can order it with a granite or sandstone finish. With high-quality woofer power and duo tweeters, the AWR-650-SM speakers deliver excellent sound that is in line with the legendary brand’s heritage.

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