Earn PayPal Money By Watching Videos

8 Ways You Can Earn PayPal Money By Watching Videos

It’s great to work online when you can earn PayPal money by watching videos.

But can this effortless task fill your wallet? Well, in this article I will give you the resources so you can check it out. How about watching some paid sites to watch videos? There are many websites that will pay you to watch videos! Would you like to make money watching videos online? I promise all my readers that they will fall in love with this work. Yes, now you can earn more money by watching Videos on YouTube or other sites. You can watch videos and earn money on PayPal easily by using these sites.

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8 Legitimate Sites That Pay For Video Viewing

Here is a list of some of the websites I have compiled that pay to watch videos. The websites/applications on this list are the ones with the most positive experience of different users.

  • Paid2YouTube
  • TV
  • Netflix
  • Earn Honey
  • Watch out
  • Quick Reward
  • Swagbucks
  • Inbox of dollars


1. Paid2YouTube – Paid to watch YouTube videos

Do you use YouTube regularly? So just make some money online by watching YouTube videos with Paid2YouTube. Although he only pays half a penny per video, but if you have to watch random videos on YouTube, why not these? In that term, it is good to earn extra money. You could also earn a little more by contributing to the ratings, adding comments to the videos and redirecting others.

2. Perk.TV

Another very popular website that is worth watching videos online. Watch videos on this site to pay in PayPal! It not only pays to watch videos, but also to search the web, conduct surveys and more. Perk has an application that plays videos automatically and is in favor of some people who earn money while they sleep with this application. Bonus points earned when watching videos can be redeemed for PayPal cards and gifts. Most videos earn 1-5 profit points each.

3. Netflix

Do not be surprised by the previous name on this list. Yes, Netflix pays you occasionally to view online content. In fact, Netflix designates taggers to watch and tag their programs to provide accurate suggestions to subscribers. Then, you will basically be paid to see exhibitions and movies and give them the correct labels. You can also watch the Netflix Careers page, as new opportunities can always arise.

4. Earn Honey

EarnHoney is one of the sites that must be found in the top paid list to view video sites. It is a great place to earn a place watching videos online. In prizes, you get gift cards from PayPal and Amazon. Simply log in once and play your first video. Therefore, no additional efforts are required after logging in. The ads shown among the videos you pay to watch are. EarnHoney is currently only available to users in the United States.

5. Viggle

Viggle makes it easy to make money watching favorite TV shows. All you have to do is “touch the application” when you watch TV or stream on Netflix, Amazon or Hulu. You earn one in a minute plus any bonus. Some offer 10x bonus programs that allow you to earn 10 points per minute. To play watch videos, Viggle offers games on the show and opportunities to interact with your friends to earn more points. This top site even pays you for watching new programs. Points can be redeemed for gift cards, prizes or cash with a prepaid debit card.

6. QuikRewards

There is another legitimate site that allows you to complete the viewing of videos and other tasks online through QuikRewards. Many members of the online community prefer membership in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. A daily shopping opportunity that allows you to earn at least 25% money back. Points can be redeemed for cash cards and PayPal gifts to favorite restaurants and stores, including Amazon.

7. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a reliable survey site that offers rewards for playing and watching videos. Actually, in the upper left corner, you will find a menu that contains different forms listed for you to win through Swagbucks. You can choose “View.” You usually get approximately 1 SB for every 6 videos you watch. Since the videos are only a few seconds to a few minutes, you could do at least some SB if you have free time. Registration is free and you will receive a $ 5 bonus when you have completed your first assignment. The points you earn here are called SB. You can redeem your SB for cash through PayPal or gift cards for some common retailers. The first option is the user among all.

8. InboxDollars

The last name mentioned in this list of the 8 highest paid sites to watch videos is InboxDollars Dollar. There are many tools like Swagbucks. It pays you to watch videos, play games, buy, conduct surveys and make a complete offer. This has been around for a long time. The paid videos on these sites offer you real money instead of points added to your account. In general, you are paid $ 0.01 (a penny) for a short video that is not bad, thinking that the videos will not take long to watch. To date, they have paid more than $ 43 million to their members. He must tell you something about his legitimacy! When you have $ 30, you can request a check. This is the list of sites where you can pay to watch videos. I hope your search for a small extra income online ends with minimal effort here.

There you have the rundown on how to Earn PayPal money by watching videos.

If we have missed in this category, do not let us know through the comments section below. Keep visiting our sites for more articles of this type.

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