Top Paying Self Employed Jobs

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As today’s job market becomes more unforeseen, more individuals than ever before are turning to self-employment as their new career.

The idea of being one’s own boss, not having to answer to anyone, but yourself is intriguing and liberating.

However, while working for yourself frequently means putting in 50, 60 or 70 hours per week on the job, for many individuals it does not even seem like work.

This is because you get into the vibe of doing what you love.

Making a life pursuing your passion is a dream come true for all those that do it.

And once they reach a small taste of success at self-employment they never want to return to working for others.


Why Find Self Employed Opportunities?

As layoffs have impacted many workers, especially men, many are looking at ideas for small companies that combine their interests and skills in money-making ventures.

5 Top Paying Self Employed Jobs


1. Personal Stylist

Everyone would love to have their very own personal shopper and stylist, both men and women.

Nowadays image is everything and it contributes towards looking and feeling successful.

Having someone to help in choosing the proper clothing, hairstyle, furniture and more will be a good help to most entrepreneurs who either do not have time or motivation to find out what works best for them.

This is an easy business to start on a part-time basis, working at it on evenings and weekends.

You can add to your income by putting content on Instagram and Facebook.

The big payments come by creating looks for celebrities and upcoming artists.

They will be very intrigued in hiring the services of a personal shopper and stylist to save time on updating their look.

2. Style Salons

There is a reason that barbershops and hair salons have been around for centuries and can be found all over cities around the world.

Whether you have a knack for cutting hair, opening a barber is a great option.

In addition, a business which might be easily started on a part-time basis, it’s a virtually recession-proof business.

You can specialize in guys only, or expand to females and children to offer service to the family.

Once you get a few clients and get some word-of-mouth advertising going, this is a business that may rapidly expand into a full-time venture.


3. Home Repair Services

Do you have neighbours nearby?  If you have even basic skills in plumbing, cleaning, painting or DIY then you can easily find work in a week’s time.

Place an ad on a site like Gumtree or Craigslist and you can begin attracting clients.

Becoming a local service provider, such as doing repairs for homeowners and rental properties can be very lucrative.


4. E-Commerce Sites

Among the quickest growing internet businesses is having an ecommerce store or selling products on sites like eBay.

Now you can think about how to make money online in a scalable way.


5. Freelance Sites

There are a wealth of freelance writing sites online, such as HireWriter, Upwork and Fiverr.

They are offering would-be authors, designers, video creators and IT professionals the opportunity to earn a living while doing what they love.

I think using freelance sites is one of the best ways to find top paying self employed jobs.

This is because you can start with a small part-time income and then focus on growing a business.

The more you learn about implement advertising and marketing you can grow your own business to make a full-time income.

I recommend learning from an experienced internet entrepreneur because having the right mindset is the key to being successful online.

Also a word of transparency – Anyone thinking about starting an online business shouldn’t expect to become an overnight millionaire.

There are hundreds of earn money online programs promising riches, but nearly all of them require consistency over a period of time.

And then it can become very lucrative for you.

Many people fail because they chase shiny objects hoping for that big break instead of mastering one skill that others will pay a lot of money for.


Final Note

All I really takes to earn passive income online is finding the right opportunities.

For some people, the path is finding top paying self employed jobs to get an extra income.

The most important thing you can do is take action now.


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