Tony Robbins: Think Like a Billionaire ( Tony Robbins Coaching )

Do you want to learn how to think like a billionaire? What mindset do the successful entrepreneurs and drop out billionaires possess that others don’t? Do you know that the thinking capacity of millionaires differ from that of billionaires?

What is the thinking pattern of billionaires such as Mark Zuckerberg, Richard Branson, Donald Trump, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Larry Ellison, Oprah Winfrey, Aliko Dangote, Warren Buffett and others? Do you want to develop the billionaire mindset? If your answer to the last question is yes, then please read on because this article is for you.

“When we direct our thoughts properly, we can control our emotions.” – W. Clement Stone
In this article, I will be explaining in detail how you can develop your mindset, control your thoughts and ultimately think like a billionaire. Now why should you think like a billionaire? I believe you are entitled to your thinking pattern but it is also worthwhile you know that your pattern of thinking will definitely affect your level of achievement in life.

“All personal achievements start in your mind. The first step is to know exactly what your problem, goal or desire is.” – W. Clement Stone
Why you need to think like a billionaire

Have you observed that your state of mind or your perception is directly proportional to your status in life? What I am trying to say in essence is that if you think like a millionaire, you will become a millionaire and if you decide to increase your thinking capacity to the billionaire level; you will ultimately become a billionaire.

That’s why Donald Trump wrote a book titled “How to think like a billionaire” because he knows the importance of the human thinking pattern to the process of achieving anything in life and that’s why the bible states that

“As a man thinketh in his heart, so he is.” – The Holy Bible

he mindset of a millionaire will never put you in the position of a billionaire; period. That’s the reason why I am emphasizing you develop your mindset. I have seen entrepreneurs turn down a $100,000 startup capital simply because all they need is a seed capital of $30,000. Their rejection of the $100,000 capital has nothing to do with financial prudence; it’s all about the mindset. They’ve not trained their mindset to go beyond their financial capacity and that’s why they will remain average.

I have also seen accidental millionaires who got lucky and won the lottery to the tune of millions. After several years, they are back to square one; living from hand to mouth. I have also seen people come into an inheritance of millions only to lose it all. Are these set of individuals doomed to be failures? My answer is a resounding no. The only problem they’ve got is their state of mind; they lack the right mindset to handle their change in financial position.

That’s why I wrote this article for you; I wrote this article to challenge you to develop your mindset by going beyond your present thinking pattern to a higher level. So if you are ready to develop your mindset and think like a billionaire, if you are prepared to go beyond your present thinking capacity; then please read on as I share with you five strategic steps to developing your mindset.


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