Lenny S Tells Us The Two Things Most Successful Rappers Have, What Labels Do, Joint Ventures & more

This is part two of our exclusive interview with Lenny S. Lenny goes into depth about what determines if an artist will get signed and or be successful. “People either have to believe you or want to be you.” He talks about fans should either want to talk like you, dress like you, go where you go, and etc. He uses the Jay-Z and DMX example, both being successful yet two different rappers. One who glorified the lifestyle, and another being down and out, crying at his shows, his relationship with his dog and etc. Those two artists stories you respected and believed. He talks about record labels taking artists to the next level. Labels are there to represent the artists to brands, and ultimately help them get endorsement deals and etc. He breaks down the cliche most rappers say “I dont want a deal I want a partnership.” He goes in depth what a joint venture is and so much more. This interview was conducted by HHS1987’s EMoney, and shot by Rick Dange in Sigma Sounds studios in Philadelphia, Pa.

Watch Part 1 Here http://youtu.be/hRyWy-vQ0As

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