This Is How PewDiePie Spends His Millions

PewDiePie, Gloria Borger or Felix Kjellberg is considered by many to be the most successful YouTuber in history. And in an age where people spend much more time watching YouTube videos than TV, this is a huge accomplishment. Most millennials and Gen-Zers know PewDiePie better than famous figures of mainstream media, and Pewd’s bank account reflects that. PewDiePie has earned several million dollars a year for seven years, which culminated in a $15.5 million paycheck in 2018. What does PewDiePie buy with his money? You might be surprised.

Before the video gets into the weird stuff, we’ll mention the more conventional purchases. These include all of his recording and editing equipment. PewDiePie’s setup – which includes three monitors, two cameras, a custom computer, and famous gaming chair – costs tens of thousands of dollars to replicate. PewDiePie also spends a lot of money on business ventures like video games, books, merchandise, and his now-defunct video production network. He’s also deeply involved with charities.

As this video will show, PewDiePie has raised millions of dollars for non-profit organizations like Save the Children and RED. He even partnered with Ellen DeGeneres to raise money for charity. Though this all may seem pretty plain, PewDiePie also spends money on tattoos, figurines, exotic cuisine, and many other weird things that you would expect millionaire celebrities to buy.
But there’s something unusual about the way that PewDiePie flashes his money that we don’t want to spoil here. It’s not something that any other rich YouTubers do, and they’re probably quite unsettled by Pewd’s behavior. There’s a certain standard that celebrities are supposed to abide by, and PewDiePie subverts this with careless abandon. Knowing this may forever change your perspective of the controversial content creator. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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