This Is How Marshmello Spends His Millions

Marshmello has only been a professional EDM artist for 4 years, yet he’s already richer than almost everyone in his profession. His face remains a mystery which is actually one of the many reasons for Mello’s speedy rise to stardom. For the first two years of his career, no one knew who he was. This was thanks to the giant marshmallow helmet that adorned his head and concealed his face. It was also a sure way to attract notice, partly concocted by his manager. But mostly it seems that Mello isn’t too concerned about how his identity is perceived. It’s all about the music, which is adored by millions of people. This is the main reason why he’s so successful – his music is universal, transcending the confines of EDM to reach a mainstream audience. This helps explain why he’s expected to make $50 million in 2019.

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This video will explain what Marshmello does with all his millions, and it’s as unique as you’d expect from a person with a marshmallow on his head. You’ll learn how much he paid for his helmet. Here’s a hint: it’s a solid yearly salary. You’ll learn what he spends on all of his DJing and music production equipment, and the exact products that he uses. You’ll also learn how the purchase of a billboard and security guards at Coachella helped make Marshmello the icon that he is today. Most notably, you’ll get inside info on exactly how Mello makes his money – for instance, his going rate for live performances, which he does 170 times a year.
Give it another year before Mello has made so many extraordinary transactions that we’ll need another video to cover it all. If you thought the house he bought in December was amazing, wait till you see his inevitable upgrade.

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