This Is How Maisie Williams "Arya Stark" Spends Her Millions

Maisie Williams is one of the most gifted actresses in the world. Over the eight season run of Game of Thrones, she has grown from a precocious preteen to a mature actor with enormous range. It also doesn’t hurt her acclaim that she gets to play one of the most courageous characters on the show, which, considering that Game of Thrones is populated by knights, queens, bounty hunters, and dragon tamers, is saying a lot.

Maisie is a lot like Arya Stark in the sense that she’s strong, independent, and is quite secretive, especially when compared to other similar-aged celebrities. She doesn’t flaunt her wealth like so many young rich people do. Instead, she presents to her fans a relatively normal life that, without knowing her position on one of the most talked about shows on the planet, does not seem to belong to a multimillionaire. This doesn’t mean that she refrains from spending her money on expensive things, just that she’s very selective on what those things are. But selectivity is a good thing. Selectivity means taste, and Maisie has loads of it.

As you’ll see in this video, Maisie has invested her money in some very cool ventures, including charities, app companies, and private jets. But her most admirable spending habit is that which benefits her family and pets. It’s clear when one reads interviews with Maisie or follows her social media accounts that she’s very generous towards her family. This includes her mother, three siblings, and rescue dog Sonny. Since her mother raised Maisie and her siblings by herself, she didn’t have things easy, so Maisie made sure to change her mother’s fortune as soon as she made it big. This allowed mother Hilary to quit her job and become a permanent assistant to her daughter. To us, this is the coolest one of Maisie`s purchases…although her tattoos come close. Click play to see all these purchases and much more!

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