This Is How Kevin Hart Spends His Millions

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When it comes to comedy, Kevin Hart is undoubtedly one of the most successful comedians in the business. This multifaceted guy isn’t just a comedian though, he’s also built himself quite a career in the film industry. It’s clear that he’s building an empire, but his life wasn’t always so luxurious. He grew up in a rough neighborhood in Philadelphia and was raised by a single mother in a tiny apartment. Fast forward to now, and he’s made an estimated $57 million in the first half of 2018 alone! He is so rich that he never has to worry about money again. Curious to know how he spends his money? Like most rich men, he has a penchant for fancy watches and luxurious cars. But Kevin Hart is also a family man, and he will spare no expense to make his family happy. Make sure to watch until the end to hear about the greatest gift that he ever gave his kids for Christmas.

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