This Is How Jay-Z Spends His Millions

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From humble beginnings in a New York City housing project, Jay-Z has used talent and ingenuity to rise to superstardom not just in the music world, but in the business world as well. He’s unique for the fact that he not only makes a ton of money from ticket and album sales, but invests said money to turn tens of millions into hundreds of millions. This is what separates people like Jay-Z from the rest of rap’s superstars. For this reason, Jay-Z’s one of the richest people in the rap industry, and thus has a lot of income to spend. Though he’s a shrewd businessman, he can’t escape his roots. Rap is all about flaunting one’s wealth, and Jay-Z does this in plenty of ways: through buying cars, planes, islands, jewelry, and whatever else you can think of. However, much of Jay’s spending goes towards Beyoncé and his kids, who need a lot of pampering themselves. It’s a whole different world when you and your spouse are worth over $1 billion, and this video offers a temporary escape into this world of our dreams.

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