How do I file a tax extension for my LLC?

LLC Company Information Company Name: Tax Extension

if you do not believe you can prepare your business tax return and collect the necessary documents on time, consider requesting tax applications. You may already know that you can get an extension of time to file your personal income tax return, but what about your business return? Work and family duties are easy to perform quickly, and tax filing is an important concern.

An extension of time will give you additional time to file your return: 6 months for personal returns and 5 or 6 months for business returns (depending on the type of entity).
Business income tax extensions can be requested using IRS 7004 Tax Form (Automatic time extension request to include certain income. Information and other income tax returns).

However it is important to remember that extensions will only be extended until the filing deadline. And you are expected to pay taxes due on the original due date. So do you need to submit separate extension requests for your personal statement. And your business statement? The answer depends on the type of business you have: partnership, single-member LLC or multi-member LLC.


Unique Loyalty or LLC One Member

Therefore, you must complete Annex C for your business, along with your 1040 personal tax form. Taxpayers who fall into this category do not have to complete separate applications for personal and commercial tax extensions. If you have individual loyalty.  You only need to submit an application for a personal tax extension (IRS Tax Form 4868). Be sure to file a 4868 Tax Form before the original deadline for filing. Your personal income tax return (usually April 15) to avoid fines and late charges. When the IRS approves your extension request, this is sufficient for your personal and business tax extension requirements.


Multi-member Association or LLC

Is there more than one person in your business? Are you a member of a company or association of several members? If this is the case, you must submit tax extension applications separately in your personal and commercial tax returns. This is because the company only applies to you: it is a separate entity that requires its own tax extension request form. Remember, your partner (s) must also submit their own tax extension requests, since the company only applies to them. You should discuss with your business partners if they will contribute to the extension of the business tax, as lack of communication can lead to serious tax problems.

For example, you do not want one of the parties to request a tax extension and you would expect a deadline for submission later, and another party files its business return on time. You can request an extension of commercial taxes using an IRS 7004 Tax Form.  Be sure to file a 7004 tax return before the original filing deadline for your business tax return (usually March 15) to avoid fines and late fees.



In general, if you must file a separate income tax return for your business and yourself, you will also have to submit separate tax extension applications. On the other hand, if you submit your business income on your personal tax return. And you are not required to file a separate business tax return. You only need to submit an application for a tax extension.


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