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This is a brief summary of the TaxSlayer advance for a loan. TaxSlayer is the main tax preparation program to offer an advance payment on the web. Find the information in this section about the tax refund advance Taxslayer.

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What is Advance TaxSlayer?

Advance TaxSlayer is a discretionary loan of your total government tax refund that will be granted by the IRS. The loan amount ($ 500 or $ 1,000) is retained on a Visa card prepared by TaxSlayer, powered by Green Dot, and is available for use within 24 hours.


 How do I request Advance TaxSlayer?

To qualify for a TaxSlayer reimbursement payment, you must have W-2 and your current government ID and set up your TaxSlayer entry. Similarly, additional quality prerequisites and approval models must be met during the electronic recording process. You must apply for a Visa® Prepaid TaxSlayer card and have the support of Green Dot. From that moment, you can request the advance tax advance and complete the electronic recording.


 How will I get my money?

When you make the request, the IRS must recognize your government cost form before advance payment can be handled. If supported, the loan amount ($ 500 or $ 1,000) will be deducted from the entire government discount amount given to you by the IRS. At that time, it will be saved on a Visa TaxSlayer card prepared by Green Dot. First, it will produce a short virtual card by email. Your virtual card will remain for 15 days or until you start your physical card.


This will give you access to your money while you are sure that your physical card will bring land through the post office. You can access the transient virtual card with TaxSlayer during the electronic recording process and after having documented it, you can find it in the Green Dot application. After your IRS accompanies you, the rest of your discount (short of any TaxSlayer prepaid charge) will usually be saved within 21 days of your Visa® layer card.


What are the prepaid amounts accessible?

The loan amount can be $ 500 or $ 1,000. The amount you can include in the bill depends on the amount of your government charge discount.


When will I receive my reduction in advance?

When the IRS recognizes your government cost form, approval can occur in approximately 24 hours. Once approved, the money will be raised on the Visa®® Preparation Card titled Green Dot. Your transient virtual card takes you to your money very quickly. Your physical card will arrive at the post office within 5-10 business days.


Consider the possibility

On the basis that you can apply for a loan and it is not declared, your government charge discount will be established even in the preparation of taxes on your Visa card minus the fixed costs. It usually requires an investment that makes the IRS your arrival to get the total government discount on your card.


Tax Advance Loan:

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Before you go, I hope this summary of the tax refund advance Taxslayer is helpful for you. If you have questions leave it in the comments section below or contact us for an introduction to the right tax expert or personal loan site.



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