Turbo Prepaid Card Withdrawal Limit

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Turbo Prepaid Card Overview

Along these lines, directly out of the door, we should clear one thing up. Regardless of whether you use TurboTax to set up your taxes, you can get your tax discount on pretty much any prepaid card. All things considered, the Turbo card has some great highlights and sensible expenses. So it merits considering in case you’re as of now utilizing TurboTax to set up your expenses. Nonetheless, in case you’re not utilizing TurboTax, you can’t get the card.

The standard month to month charge is 4.95 dollars about normal among prepaid cards. Be that as it may, that charge is waivable when you load 1,000 or more in the earlier month, making it similar to other prepaid cards that you can use for nothing, similar to the Walmart MoneyCard. The Turbo prepaid card likewise accompanies a free ATM coordinate with more than 20,000 ATM areas, making it helpful to pull back money without charge.

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Card Limits

The Turbo Prepaid Card’s limits are for the most part at or higher than the normal among prepaid cards. The absolute card equalization can be as high as dollars 10,000. Exchanges, which incorporates all buys and money withdrawals, are limited to dollars 5,000 every day higher than most. In contrast to most prepaid cards, the Turbo Prepaid Card does exclude a day by day ATM limit in its cardholder understanding. Yet, the card guarantor claims all authority to set that limit. That implies the ATM limit is undisclosed–not something we’re enamored with at PrepaidCards123. The card discloses a month to month limit on money withdrawals, notwithstanding. Its dollars 3,000 and incorporates money from ATMs or at a bank employee.


Turbo Prepaid Card Fees

The Turbo card charges a month to month expense of 4.95, not terrible in its own correct when looking at different cards. Yet, it additionally offers to forgo the month to month charge on the off chance that you add more than 1,000 to the card every month. Like most month to month charge cards, there’s no expense for buys. The Turbo card offers a free ATM organize, so withdrawals and parity checks are free if utilizing one of the in-arrange ATMs. Out-of-arrange ATM withdrawals cost 2.50 in addition to any extra charge from the ATM proprietor.


Where to Get the Turbo Card

The Turbo Prepaid Card is accessible just to TurboTax clients and just inside the product. In this way, you basically need to choose to get your expense discount on the card to get it. While abnormal, it’s to some degree like prepaid cards offered by charge preparers. The H&R Block Emerald Card, for example, is accessible just at H&R Block areas.



The Turbo Prepaid Card is a serious card. It offers a sensible (and waivable) month to month charge and a free ATM arrange. Furthermore, it has some great highlights, similar to free bill pay. Tragically, it’s accessible just to TurboTax clients through the product. In any event, for those that utilization TurboTax, that makes the short application process awkward and badly designed. All things considered, in case you’re as of now a TurboTax client, it merits considering the card dependent on its moderately low expenses.

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