Tax Help: A Lesson From Top Movie Stars

In the cold months you get this huge blanket of snow and if your not a fan of driving in snow or walking to work you learn how to get around in it…

For example:

            If I see footprints in the snow, I know to walk in them (LESS CHANCE FOR ME TO WET MY SOCKS).

Also I know to stay away from the curb because the slush really splashes all over the place when the cars drive through it, and I don’t want to get soaked.

 Yet all this is learned through experience, common sense, and watching others.

Sometimes it’s hard for me to instil the proper caution in someone about their taxes, yet when I show them someone they can recognise and reveal their mistakes they then catch on real quickly.

So today I’m going to advise in a way we all can grasp.

By Taking A Lesson From Some Top Movie Stars….

Back in 97’ Nicholas Cage took the movie industry to by storm in his HIT Movie Conair.

He broke records and made a ton of money.

Then it was Blade, or should I say Wesley Snipes… He not only had 1 hit, he also 2 and 3. Blade became on of the top seqauls to watch in theatres.

… And the list goes on.

Yet they all had something in common….


More importantly, they all had issues that quite frankly the same.



  • 1) Waiting To Late In The Year – Their are tons of tax breaks going on throughout the year that a 1099 employee or business orwner can take advantage of, but most people decide to wait until the end of the year to even think about their taxes …
  • 2) No Medical Insurance – Believe it or not. But most people who make above average income live dangerously without health courage. Which makes you suceptible to a huge medical bill but you also lose out on the tax breaks.
  • 3) Inflation And How It Involves Your Taxes – This is harder to explain. Yet will chalk it up another reason to get professional help.
  • 4) Inconsistent Info – One of the easiest ways to get audited is by having inconsistent records. Please no lying, job jumping, and moving. All of these things scream inconsistency and will get you audited.


… Read this list again, and ask yourself have you learned from the celebrities?

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