Tax Deduction For Work Clothes Self-Employed

Tax Deduction For Work Clothes Self-Employed

A tailored blazer will provide you with a better figure due to its cut and fashion. But can you claim back the cost and is there a tax deduction for work clothes self-employed?

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Can I Claim Work Clothes On My Taxes?

The basic theory is you can claim back uniform costs for your self employed work or running your own business.

Yes, these costs are tax-deductible on your tax return.

There are some grey areas if you are buying clothes for your professional job.

For example, if you an actor or performer purchasing costume items or clothing for a photo shoot or video this may be tax-deductible.

Always speak to your tax professional to double-check that everything is above-board for the tax deduction for work clothes self-employed.

 it will end up cheaper in the end.

Additionally, if you have to buy work boots, tool belts, or some other equipment due to your work, they could possibly be deducted.

You don’t need to purchase branded shoes and clothing.

You may be tempted to acquire a pair of shoes since they look nice, but you still have to pay for it so think about the investment.


How Much Can I Claim For Laundry Expenses Self Employed?

The tax office in different locations have different rules about claiming laundry costs.

Always check with your local tax office first.

Although, generally speaking, if it is related to your work and professional uniform then you can claim laundry costs.


Claim Tax Back On Clothes and More

Tax time is focused on claiming on everything & about maximizing your tax refund you are entitled to.

To summarise, you can claim uniform Claims.

Costs to purchase and maintaining work eligible uniforms and\/or protective clothing can be claimed in this section by including a description of the expense and the claimed amount.

A uniform which identifies you as an employee of a company paramedics, such as police uniforms, defence force.

Upkeep of the clothing involves the cost of cleaning, repairing and renting.

Keep receipts and use your business banking account to pay for these services and items.

Having said that make sure you amass a list of everything so you don’t miss out on what you are eligible to claim on.

As well as clothing, there are several things you might be capable to claim on, such as :

  • Educational Tax Refund
  • Student Union and course fees
  • Text Books, Stationery, photocopying
  • Software associated with study
  • Home office costs
  • Printer cartridges
  • Access to the world wide web
  • Interest on borrowing to buy computers or to pay fees
  • Depreciation, e.g. Computers, facsimile machines, etc
  • Secretarial expenses e.g. Typing of assignments

As well as, meals and accommodation if they were away from home on link related study activities.

In addition, there is income protection insurance: the tax rules let you claim this as a work-related expense.



With the best deals online, cheap shipping prices and an abundance of stores to browse on the internet you can get an even larger saving.

Your business costs aren’t subject to a limit, but you do need to cover it from your income.

Speak with a tax expert to see what clothing areas can be reduced and can be claimed even if you don’t itemize your own personal deductions.

In addition to the tax deduction for work clothes self-employed you may be able to deduct most expenses related to doing your job.


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