Independent Contractor Tax Deductions List

Independent Contractor Tax Deductions List:14 Write-Offs

As an independent contractor, you have a lot of costs.  So it makes perfect sense to claim them back with your own independent contractor tax deductions list.

Also, not at all like W-2 workers, you need to pay for the majority of your costs out-of-pocket.

This can really add up to a lot of money by the end of the year! 

Considering most agencies can include reimbursed costs of doing business, it just appears to be reasonable that 1099 contractual workers would get a similar treatment.

All Things Considered, The IRS Allows Your Certain Deductions with your independent contractor tax deductions list


How To Claim Back Your Tax Deductions

Independent entities are independently employed people or a different lawful element.

In particular, an independent contractor is an element (individual or business) contracted to give administrations to another element as a non-worker.

When you are paid $600 or more from a client, you ought to get a Form 1099 MISC.

This structure demonstrates the measure of pay you got in a given tax year by a given client.

The IRS additionally gets a duplicate so it is extremely significant you report the exact pay sum on your arrival or an IRS letter is certain to come to your attention.

Look at other tax mistakes to avoid doing the same thing.

Labourers’ remuneration, pay, protection, paid time off are altogether benefits independent entities don’t have.

As an independent contractor, you may already be aware of some of these tax factors.

Despite the tax payments due, being an independent contractor is beneficial.

One way to balance out the responsibilites of independent entities is by having independent contractor tax deductions.


The Following Is A Rundown Of Regular Independent Contractor Tax Deductions:

  • Advertising
  • Business protection
  • Car and truck costs
  • Commissions and expenses
  • Contract work
  • Depreciation
  • Home office costs
  • Interest
  • Legal and expert expenses
  • Meals
  • Office costs
  • Rent or rent instalment
  • Repairs and support
  • Supplies
  • Taxes and licenses
  • Travel costs
  • Utilities
  • Wages
  • Other relevant costs


You ought to gain counsel from your CPA or tax expert before guaranteeing these deductions.

Below we will explain 14 tax write-offs for the independent contractor tax deductions list to help you out.


1) Promoting

Any publicizing and promoting costs are 100% tax-deductible.

This incorporates conventional and advanced advertising costs.

Flyers, business cards, and public exhibition costs as well.

For all intents and purposes, anything with your business name and logo on it could be viewed as promoting.


2) Business Insurance

Business insurance is utilized to shield your business from misfortune because of claims, harm, robbery, vandalism, worker wounds and the sky is the limit from there.

When you have any kind of business protection, you can guarantee this as an independent contractor tax cost.


3) Vehicle And Truck Expenses

This is a popular area that contractors want to know about.

If you are a Uber or taxi driver, most, if not, the majority of your vehicle costs are independent contractor tax deductions.

Costs like gas, vehicle protection, tolls, leaving expenses, and support are incorporated.

A hazy area exists when your vehicle is additionally utilized for private personal reasons.

In which case, you have 2 different ways of deducting costs and you can learn more about it here (Claiming Mileage On Taxes For Self Employed).


  1. Method 1: Deduct the real measure of vehicle costs, for example, protection, gas, and support OR


  1. Method 2: Apply a standard rate to every business mile driven. You would need to keep a log of your business miles amid the year.


In many occurrences, the second strategy has more positive tax outcomes.

The standard mileage rate changes constantly.

For the tax year 2018, the rate was 53.5 pennies per mile.


4) Commissions And  Freelancer Fees

Commissions and expenses incorporate any freelancer you pay that causes you to create income.

For example, this could be a sales rep or a social media manager that causes you to associate with your ideal clients.

Subsequently, certain commissions, similar to those paid to Amazon or Uber are as of now taken out before they are paid out to you.

So make sure that you exclude those if you are running an online business.


5) Provisional Work

Similarly, when you perform provisional work for your clients, you may procure a contractual worker to support you.

For instance, suppose you work a yard care/cultivating business yet planting isn’t your own mastery.

So you choose to get the cultivating side of your business.

The wages you pay your cultivating temporary worker is tax-deductible.

Remember, on the off chance that you pay your temporary worker more than $600 amid the year, you need to document a Form 1099-MISC.


6) Depreciation

If your business claims any long haul resources, there is a high probability you would have a devaluation cost.

Consider devaluation the dollar sum you “utilized” in an advantage.

Is a fresh out of the plastic new lounge chair purchased today worth pretty much contrasted with a similar love seat purchased 3 years back?

It has more value. What’s more, the reason is depreciation

Instances of business resources that can have depreciation cost are furniture, vehicles, and PCs.

Speak with your tax expert about how depreciation is viewed as a cost for tax purposes and completely deductible.


7) Home Office Expenses

Do you ever work at home?

This is a big one for an independent contractor tax deductions list.

Or on the other hand, maybe you have a locally established business and do paperwork at home.

In either case, if there is a devoted workspace in your home, you could deduct a bit of your home costs.

For example, if you open your workstation while sitting in front of the television in your lounge room, your family room isn’t an office but you can deduct a percentage of costs for the time you worked.

Rather, if you have a room in your home, with a work area and PC, that is progressively lined up with what the IRS thinks is a home office then you may be able to obtain more tax deductions.

To get to the real specific sum, you have to know the area of your home office and your home.

However, a basic estimation will you help you comprehend what level of your house is your home office.

What’s more, you can apply this rate to the costs of your home, for example, lease, utilities, protection, and taxes.

Another strategy is deducting the immediate costs identified with keeping up your home office.

The technique behind this is usually done by a tax professional to make sure it is in line with tax regulations.


8) Interest Payments

A wide range of business interest instalments are on the independent contractor tax deductions.

In the event that you have a business advance or credit card, the interest part of your instalments is 100% deductible.

Make a point to just deduct the business segment of interest installments paid on home loans and vehicles.

On the off chance that just 20% of your miles are for business than just 20% of your vehicle cost is deductible.


9) Lawful And Professional Fees

On occasion, your business will require the administrations of an authorized professional.

Expenses paid to a legal advisor, specialist or for independent company bookkeeping administrations are deductible.

Likewise, charges paid to consultants, accountants or other IT specialists are deductible.

Individual tax planning administrations are not deducible for business purposes.


10) Meals

Generally, business meals are half deductible.

So on the off-chance that you take a customer out to have or have a lunch meeting with an associate, those costs are deductible.

The equivalent is valid for dinners devoured while voyaging for business around the globe.

Since the IRS realizes you need to eat (regardless of whether at home or while voyaging).

In the event that you have family or companions going with you, their dinners are not deductible. 


11) Office Expenses

Any broad office cost, for example, cleaning, printing or upkeep can be deducted.

Try not to incorporate costs like lease or utilities since they have their own class (explained underneath).


12) Lease Or Lease Payments

On the off-chance that you lease office space, PCs, hardware or whatever else for your business, those lease instalments are viewed as independent contractor tax deductions.

Lease paid toward your home/home office is excluded as separated of the lease.

That lease cost should be accounted for under “Home Office Expenses” or on Form 8829.


13) Maintenance

Repairs and maintenance support are any costs paid toward the upkeep or renovation of your organization’s property.

In the event that you have machines that need routine support or perhaps your office HVAC needs fixing, those costs are independent contractor tax deductions.

There Are Sure Special Cases.


  1. You can’t deduct the estimation of your time fixing or doing upkeep work


Check out my favourite picks-
  1. Car fixes ought to be incorporated as a piece of vehicle and truck costs.


  1. Any real upgrades to your organization’s benefits ought to be promoted and devalued after some time.


14) Supplies

Lastly, any provisions you utilized is tax-deductible.

Supplies incorporate pens, cleaning items, paper, printer ink, and the sky is the limit from there.

The contrast among provisions and office cost or hardware is that provisions can’t last past a year.

In the event that it does, at that point, you may want to move it to the asset category.


In conclusion, I hope that this helps you to formulate your own independent contractor tax deductions list so that you can save more money on your taxes today.

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