Tax Companies that Offer Refund Anticipation Loans

Many people use this program to get quick access to money without considering the high interest rates attached. So now will talk about tax companies that offer refund anticipation loans.

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What is a refund anticipation loan?

A Refund Anticipation Loan (RAL) is a loan granted by many tax preparation companies to people against their tax return. A projected tax refund loan can be approved in minutes and the money can be accessed in a day or two. These loans are based on the total amount of the tax refund. Loans can be obtained on the total amount or part of the expected repayment. When the check arrives at the tax preparation office, the loan is paid in full, with interest, and any remaining balance is issued to the recipient.

Why RAL loans are not consumer-friendly

People who plan to borrow a tax refund should try to avoid the program. RAL loans have high service charges and interest rates. As these loans are short term, they are not governed by the same laws on interest and traditional loans. Like a payday loan, the interest rates of RAL loans have exceeded 200% APR. For example, the projected cost of paying a few hundred dollars can cost you a few thousand loans for 5 days.


Better tax refund options

Your taxes can be filed electronically to reimburse you for only two weeks. If you have a bank account, you can deposit the money automatically in a shorter period of time. These loans are no longer necessary. Consumers who wish to receive their money for more than two weeks may consider an additional financial option to avoid these high rates.

If you do not have a bank account, you may consider buying a prepaid debit card. Most of these cards can act as a bank account and can receive electronic deposits. Request a card with route numbers and you will benefit from the same deficit when you get your refund. These online banks are very useful for people with previous credit problems. When the money is sent to your card, you can access it immediately.


IRS update about repayment loans

The IRS issued a statement stating that it will no longer provide information to consumers with refund processing companies. This net tax information is critical to your ability to provide RAL loans. The IRS has stated that by providing this service to these companies, they are infringing the privacy of taxpayers to make a profit for these private companies.

The IRS also explained that the need for such loans should cease when a free preparation is made through its location, electronic filing and the speed at which these payments are processed. In 2009, consumers spent almost $ 750 million in fees on these types of loans. Incredible amount that only 8 million loans are processed. The average is $ 950 in rates per second that usually lasts only one or two weeks. The main providers of these loans, H&R Block and Jackson Hewitt, are in action, stating that the abolition of such services is a burden for taxpayers who require quick access to their repayment.


Best tax companies for Refund Anticipation loans:

1) Jackson Hewitt

MetaBank issues reimbursement advances from Jackson Hewitt. The Early Repayment Loan has an annual percentage rate of 0 percent, which does not require you to produce W-2, and the Non-Refundable Repayment Loan.

2) H&R Block

Axos Bank issues a prepaid H&R Block loan. The same day, in most cases. The money is loaded into the Emerald H&R Block prepaid block from MasterCard, from which you can transfer funds once by check or ACH without charge.

3) TurboTax Intuit

First Century Bank is an Intuit payment loan from TurboTax. $ 500, but loan amounts are based on the expected repayment amount and other information, such as personal and tax information. Two days after your IRS accepts your tax return and when you set up a Turbo Visa Debit Card account. You can use the temporary card information to buy items online.  A physical card is sent by mail within five to 10 business days.


Before you go, I hope this article about tax companies that offer refund anticipation loans is helpful for you today. 

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