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Do you want to talk to an accountant online free to ask important tax questions and get some guidance? It can save you money if you start by talking with a tax pert or accountant for free. See more details here.

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Picking A Tax Accountant

A question I get annually, and undoubtedly more often during tax season, is what do you recommend to a direct sales company particular tax accountant? And, how can I speak to an accountant online for free to ask questions on webchat?

Picking a tax accountant for a home based business is not difficult, it just requires some research.

Home Office Deduction Is Legitimate!

The direct marketing and work from home business sector is a valid business model and your tax accountant must be understanding and approving of that.

Any revenue tax preparer who tells you to not choose the home office deduction is a red flag that they are not the accountant for you.

The red flag is to find a different accountant – don’t be fooled!

As a direct vendor working at home, the home office deduction was made for you, and the Internal revenue service does not create rules to nab those who’re following regulations.

Provided that you have a workplace and that you have an aim to gain, the action to back up that aim and also documentation to prove it, then you are your individual your home office deduction has been written for.

Certainly, you must meet other standards, but the accountant might assist you with these details!


Picking A Home Business Accountant

Keep these things in mind when selecting an accountant for your home company tax planning.

An accountant can live anywhere.

Like my accountant, ideally, the individual will work online as an accountant themselves.

You ought to be capable to find a few who might look like they’d work for you, then choose the next step to be eligible them.


How To Pick A Tax Accountant

Qualify them first.

In order to qualify an accountant, just ask questions and interview them for compatibility.

You’re interviewing them to see if they’re supportive of the direct sales industry.

If they don’t have respect for the direct sales industry or online world, then they aren’t the accountant for you.

It’s comparable to a job interview.

You’re going to employ them so you should discover more about them.

Ask questions that give you the info you want.


Ask questions like:

  • Do you maintain a house office and take the house office deduction?
  • I’m an independent contractor with ‘MYFantasticCompany’, are you comfortable with the online sales industry?
  • What different direct sales company consultants do you prepare taxes for?
  • Do you’ve any work from home company clients who use the home office deduction?
  • My mobile phone is my company phone and I deduce it as a business expense, do you know more ways to save money?

If you want to talk to an accountant online free click here for a Free Quote and our accountant will contact you via email today.

These are just a few questions which should give you an idea about who’ll be a good fit.

Then, occasionally you need to educate them a bit.

Some samples of education can be explaining how you run your business and the types of expenses you pay for.

For example, claiming a travel expense because you’re networking with like-minded professionals to advance your business.


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