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Here is information on Surveyclub reviews to help you before you make any decisions.

What is Survey Club?

Survey Club is an online survey company where you register to conduct surveys in cash or rewards.

It is one of the oldest in the book, but the reviews are a mix.

It is not a scam, but it is not the best survey website either.

It is difficult to qualify for surveys, wages are not that high, and it will be extremely difficult for anyone to earn any kind of real money.

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Surveyclub Reviews – How it Works

SurveyClub is a free survey directory for members only.

After completing some simple data, SurveyClub then connects its members with the applicable market research surveys.

The more detailed information members provide, the more surveys they can participate.

SurveyClub is an online market research company that allows users to earn additional income by participating in surveys.

The online platform allows people to help shape the future products of other organizations by participating in their research studies.


Features and Services:

SurveyClub offers a free membership survey service available in Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States.

By entering SurveyClub, users can work with corporations in various industries that need their views on improving products or services.

Members can also conduct free surveys for a number of companies interested in them.

From time to time, SurveyClub conducts its own survey and pays consistently when a user qualifies.


How Much Do You Actually Get Paid?

Payments vary according to the length of each survey.

Compensation for research activities can take the form of gift cards, cash, prizes or raffle tickets.

There are two types of panels from which users can choose custom and branded blind panels.

Custom blind panels deal with specific issues.

A custom personalized panel is organized and shows the brand and the products of the company.

Qualified panelists can earn from $ 50 to $ 200 per hour, which is higher than the normal compensation of the survey.

There are 2 surveys at the top that take a maximum of 10 minutes each, and you can earn almost $ 12 for each of them.

But still, others are even less, because sometimes the survey takes a general time of 30 minutes and pays only 1 dollar.

Many of the others are only a quarter even if it does not take 5 minutes.

However, we spent time reviewing the surveys they had listed and answering tons of screening questions.

After 30 minutes, this happened:

  • Not all the surveys qualify available through their website (after answering a series of selection questions).
  • The rest directed other survey sites such as Survey Say, Pinecone Research and Swagbucks.


Dealing With Selection Questions

Sometimes the selection questions take a lot of time on their own.

The selection point is to find out if it is in line with the demographics of the people who wish to take the survey.

They ask questions about age, race, income, employment, marital status, health conditions or any other person who may be involved in a particular survey.

The problem is that the demographics of each survey are small and most of the time it does not fit with you.

Despite that, you could be the exact person that they are looking for so there is still a possibility to get paid.

On a positive note, at least the Survey Club gives you 10 cents to take the time to answer the evaluation questions, even if you are not qualified.

Swagbucks is another trusted survey site that pays you a small amount for your time taken to answer selection questions.

You may be lucky and enter some demographic data that are invited to do more surveys than usual.


Watch Out For Spam

Be careful when providing your information to the Survey Club and the additional companies to which it is linked.

The solution is to create a special email address that you will use for online surveys that are separate from your normal address.

When you register in these companies, you get surveys several times a day or for a week, so we’re giving you this tip to help keep your inbox tidy.

Or if you use Gmail you can tag and categorise different types of incoming mail. 

In conclusion, based on Surveyclub reviews it is handy to receive email reminders and invitations to get the opportunity to earn money. 

Faithful in your success! 


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