In the Spotlight: Paul Etienne Founder of 1Branch – Online Christian Social Network

1. Paul, its great speak with you today about your social platformpaul etienne tax twerk online accountant 1Branch.Please tell us briefly what is 1Branch all about?

1Branch is simply a Christian Social Network that allows members to embrace the totality of the religious experience by enabling members with the opportunity to share all that they find positive with their faith a well as a chance to explore difficult questions amongst themselves.

2. What inspired you to create 1Branch?

I was born and raised in the church, so I have been going to church with my family since I was a little kid. Some of us go to church just because it is a habit, but not because we have a purpose. At some point I realized I did not understand the purpose behind a lot of things that were being done at church, and since I have been going to church for so long I felt a little embarrassed to ask about things that I “think” I should know by now, and this was one of the reasons that inspired me to create 1Branch. The spirit behind 1Branch is for every single member to have the opportunity to share all that they find positive with their faith a well as a chance to explore difficult questions amongst themselves, and they have the choice to do so anonymously also.

3. What did you do before you launched 1Branch?

Before 1Branch I developed and managed websites for small businesses and emerging stars in the entertainment industry. I am also a gamer, so I have designed and developed mobile games for iOS and android (MinerTrail, Flap-a-witch, etc).

4. What has the reaction been like so far towards a Christian social networking platform?

So far we have a few thousands members, and we are planning to advertise it more to make it known in the Christian community.

5. As a Christian myself, how do you feel when talking ‘business’ with other members of your church?

Well, 1Branch is a community where people can share their faith, and interact with Christians who may or may not think like you do. Business is life, so it is nothing uncomfortable or annoying because most of our interactions in life are business decisions.

6. Some of our readers are growing their faith and positivity each day – can you give 1 tip for finding your true purpose?

One tip is to pray, read, and research. Knowledge is power, so do not settle just for what someone tells you. The day you find your true purpose is as important as the day you were born, unforgettable.

7. A lot of people seem to think that growing faith & finding your ‘true purpose’ means acting like a monk or nun… What are your thoughts on being a Christian in a modern world?

It is different now because you can’t have Bibles in schools, and you cannot teach the Christian faith in school. We have to get creative by using every tool in our power to spread the word, and to live a Godly lifestyle where people can get inspired enough by how we live to be interested to learn about our God.

8. What do you love the most about the work that you do?

I love that I can inspire people to find their true purpose. The freedom to use my creativity in the work I do is another thing that I like.

9. Please take a moment to close your eyes and imagine the incredible future in front of you. What is the BIGGEST goal you would like to achieve?

I would love to see 1Branch being used as the standard for Christian Social Networking platform – to see more Christians creating businesses using the advances in technology that will let the world know that we use technology to do much more than dating on ChristianMingle.

10. Lastly, how can Christians and people interested in Christianity connect to 1Branch online?

1Branch can easily be accessed through your regular browser on your computer, phone, or tablet. 1Branch app is also available in the apple app store and in Google play.

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