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  1. Kama says

    I don”t want to take away from Caryl”s important message because I know the Scripture says the calling & gifts of God are irreversible, but we have been in a situation where the message was tainted by his sin and the person could not clearly hear from God. And it was obvious to all around him! We had to search for God”s truth in what he was saying, and he was honestly often offensive to us. But when this person repented, he still had the gift to preach a moving message. He was a broken man when we last saw him while he was alive. Sadly, sin taints our ability to hear God and to be used effectively. However, even in that, I have still seen people used by God in spite of their sin. I love that God is truly sovereign in ALL situations. He never changes! And He is able to accomplish His perfect will. Thanks, Caryl! I know someone needed to hear this message. diploma online

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