In the Spotlight Interview: Pop/Classical Singer Elizabeth Tryon

1. It’s nice to speak with a classically trained singer Elizabeth! PleaElizabeth Tryon Tax Twerk Accountant for musicse tell us a bit
about you & your music…

Thank you Ruth, it’s nice to speak with you too!
I’m a classical crossover singer with the added bonus that I also write and sing pop
songs. I’m referred to as two voices in one artist, because I’m a classical singer and a
pop singer in one. I love to switch back and forth between the two genres.

2. When did you first start singing?

I’ve been singing since I was 3 years old. Though I started studying voice when I was 14.

3. How are you feeling about the release of your new album with Centaur

I’m thrilled! The songs on this album are by a composer from the early part of the 20 th
century, but they are so modern-sounding and beautiful. I lucked out to get to sing this
And it’s all lost works – the songs were discovered in an attic just last year and are being
heard now for the first time.

4. Who are the current artists that you would LOVE to work with?

I wanted to sing with Pavarotti very much, but he died. I would love to perform with
Madonna because she’s my idol, she’s so inspiring.
I would be glad to perform with another artist who wants to perform with me!

5. What has the reaction been like to the mixture of classical & pop music?

I’m always thrilled by how much classical crossover audiences enjoy hearing my pop
songs AND, by how much pop music fans get excited about hearing classical music.
I think audiences haven’t been given enough credit for how varied their tastes really

6. What has been the biggest challenge with managing the ‘finance’ side of the
work you do?

Getting the money to make all of my dreams happen.

7. How do you bring comedy into the work you do?

I got into comedy when I joined an improvisational troupe at the New York Comedy
Club. Doing improv. comedy helped me with my performance skills overall.
Then a couple years ago there was an international contest that mixed classical music
and comedy. I have a background in both, so I entered the contest and got into the
I performed my original comedy and music skit on PBS television, which was great!
I think adding some humor is a fantastic way to make classical music more accessible to
a wide audience, and I’m a big fan of making classical music accessible.

8. Do you see yourself as a music artist as well a ‘business’?

Yes , I write many of my own songs, storyboard my videos, and I’m definitely more at
home in the artistic side of things.

9. You performed the first pop-classical show at Caroline’s on Broadway in
Times Square, NYC in over fifteen years. What is the next big goal for you?

I’m looking forward to my album release coming up this March.
And I can’t wait to release my album of original pop-classical music that I’ve just

10. This sounds very exciting for you Elizabeth! Where can we find and follow you online?

Thank you Ruth! I am online at and

Also, on FB at:
And Twitter:

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