Spotlight Interview: Musician, Entrepreneur and Father Brandon Alexander Boyd

1. Thank you for taking the time to do this interview with me! Please tell us a bit about yourself and what you do currently…

Brandon Alexander Boyd 1I’m just a country boy from a rural Alabama town named Wedowee. I am a musician (pianist), entrepreneur, father, husband, Chemical Engineer, ex-powerlifter, hypnotist, and philanthropist. I love hunting, fishing, and tinkering. Hell, if it weren’t for the reliance on computers in vehicles, I would still do my own mechanic.

Currently, I am the Owner of Lexoydeal Marketing. I started Lexoydeal Marketing in 2017 while in Graduate School and ultimately chose the unsurety of the entrepreneurship lifestyle instead of life as an academic.

2. What inspired you to start doing your own business venture?

It all started because I wanted to help small businesses reach the next level. I was also curious about the reason why some businesses grow, and some businesses never quite make it. Lexoydeal started as a management consulting company. The initial focus was to expand small and medium businesses both vertically and horizontally through streamlined internal system upgrades and acquisitions of competitors and/or business compliment companies.

However, as I started to consult with more and more clients, looking at their systems, I realized ALL my initial clients and even prospective clients had nearly nonexistent online marketing strategies and horrible brand messaging which led to inconsistent lead generation. They had horrendous follow up systems, which meant that people that didn’t initially buy would be lost forever.


3. What has been your biggest achievement so far?

I recently started working with a legend in the entrepreneurial education space from the 1980s-early 2000s, Gordon Bizar from Bizar Financial. He has graced the stages with Tony Robbins, Jay Abraham, Dan Kennedy just to name a few. He is trusting me to modernize his platform and expand his message using Digital Marketing. It works for me because I get a chance to engulf myself with his courses and his coaching. I also get the opportunity to connect with his connections and learn from other legends.


4. What fuels you to keeps you going each day?

Two things: Every time I bring success to a client and the 5 most important women in my family.

There is nothing like the glow of a client’s face when you create a campaign that works, and the customers start calling them at a greater frequency than before.

That becomes an addiction. I want to get another win for another client, and another client and another one. This makes me study marketing case studies and competitor campaigns harder and longer. It also helps me deal with attitudes from employees and prospective clients better and with more empathy.

The 5 women are: My wife and daughter, my mother and mother-in-law, and my sister-in-law. Now don’t get me wrong, they all have great men, excellent husbands (except my daughter, she is only 4.) I just personally take the responsibility to create the wealth foundation to make sure they are always financially secure and free.

5. Who are the top 3 celebrities/experts you’d love to work with? And why?

Jay Abraham – He is the foremost expert in marketing and just growing businesses period. It’s rare to say that an “expert” in the best in a subjected field, however, it is universally known in the marketing space that Jay is in a league of his own and everyone else is competing for number 2. I would easily pay his $250k per year coaching fee to learn his ways and methodology.

Henry Kravis – He is a businessman and an investor on a global investment firm. At one time he had the record for the largest leveraged buyout and purchase, $31 billion, of a company in history when he purchased RJR Nabisco. I would just want to sit with him and discuss deal structure and negotiation strategy for billion-dollar company purchases.

Lebron James – Not only is he the best basketball player alive, he has a brilliant entrepreneur mind. I would love to work with him and his team and just discuss business with him. Also, find out how he really feels, behind closed doors and off the record of course, about the MJ/LBJ goat discussion.


6. Take a moment to close your eyes. Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?

In 5 years, I see my company, Lexoydeal Marketing, as the “Madison Avenue Advertising and Marketing Agency of the South.” We will be the most sought-after marketing and business consulting firm in the Southeast United States.

I see the non-profit foundation I founded with several friends, AEBoyd Foundation, helping spread entrepreneurial education to impoverished neighborhoods in my state.

I see my wife and I having another child, hopefully, a Jr., however being a #girlsdad is not that bad.

I also see the beginning growth stages of an engineering tech consulting firm.


7. If you could get the perfect help from an online tax return service, what would they do for you?

Year-long strategic tax plans that would be able to advise and coach me with tax-advantaged investments and purchases.


8. Can you give our readers 2 key tips for success in business?

First, be a problem solver. You will make more connections and have more opportunities if you focus on solving problems.

Second, become a better communicator. The better you are at communicating as a businessperson, the more money you will make.

Winning negotiations, making more sales, finding investors are all products of your skill of communicating your product or business idea.

I love to overdeliver when it comes to business advice.

As a bonus tip, learn the art of collaboration. Rockefeller said it best I would rather earn 1% off 100 people’s efforts than 100% of my own efforts.

To be successful in business you have to learn, and master leveraging OPT and OPE, other people’s time and effort. Collaborating with an individual or a company multiplies your efforts on your vision.


9. If you were stuck on a desert island and could only bring 3 things what would they be?

  • A machete
  • One of those straws that filter water
  • and the largest book of wilderness survival tactics created

10. How do you describe yourself in 5 words?

I AM What I AM.

11. Thank you for taking the time to do this interview with me! Where can we find and follow you online?

I appreciate you for allowing me this opportunity.

And my business is located at

You can find me on:




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