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Here is a summary all about self assessment mortgages UK. The financial crisis has had a great impact on business owners and freelancers looking for a mortgage, but there may still be more intense times to get a home. We share the options available to independent owners and small businesses, and the trick to get ownership of your dreams. Remember, although this guide can provide useful information, each lender will have its own criteria and evaluate each borrower individually. Some will have more flexibility or options to include others and factors such as your credit score and your deposit.

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Self Assessment Mortgages UK 2020


A lender generally classifies you as a self-employed person.  If you have more than a certain percentage of business usually 20 percent or 25 percent. If you are self-employed you must show the income you declare.  This can be done by providing your business accounts or the reference of an accountant.  Which should normally be prepared by a qualified accountant. The normal requirement of a lender is to see proof of income for two or three years.  Although some may accept a year under certain circumstances. Your earnings will be evaluated and lenders may need proof that.  You will reach similar amounts in the coming years by asking your company and its contracts or customers.

More About Getting a Mortgage

If you make your taxes through a self-assessment and the income calculates them for you.  You can get a form called SA302 which shows the total income received and the total tax owed. Remember even if you have permanent employment with taxes deducted by your employer. If you have additional income this can be classified as self-employed income. If so it seems to be treated in the same way as the income of a 100 percent autonomous person.


What mortgage will I get?

In theory, independent borrowers have access to the same range of mortgage products as everyone else, provided they can establish the required deposit and demonstrate that they can make repayments of their loan. Almost all lenders will take into account the earnings of freelancers if you can submit a SA302 form.

There are a number of specialized lenders that offer products designed specifically for freelancers. But conventional mortgage lenders also regularly lend to independent workers, so you may not need to use a specialist. It is worth consulting with a conventional lender the first thing you see, before evaluating your options with a specialist. You must have full access to the option between fixed and variable rate mortgages, including monitored mortgages.


What else can help you?

As with any mortgage, a reasonable deposit will help you get a good interest rate and improve your chances of being accepted. You must also have a good credit rating. While you may find some specialized brokers that can help those with a bad credit score, you may not have access to good rates. It is difficult for those on payroll who have a poor credit history to find a mortgage with a reasonable rate, much less a violation of the additional risk of self-employment. As frustrating as it may seem, it is probably worth working on your credit score before applying for a mortgage.


How much more will you pay?

With a good earnings history, you should get loans at a low additional cost. But for those with one year of registration, Precise is cutting 2.59 percent on a two-year agreement, and  2.69 percent, even if it has a 25 percent deposit. This is almost double the interest rate in the current two-year agreement in the market, and the Post Office deals with 1.33 percent.


Your independent worker status

It is an important factor for the business structure. Are you a sole trader, contractor, partner or director of the company? Individual merchants will be evaluated differently depending on whether their income has increased in recent years. If your income is increasing, lenders will generally receive an average income for the past two or three years. But if it has fallen, lenders are likely to use the last and lowest figure. For daily rate contractors, lenders generally increase the rate by the number of business days per year, as well as seek a minimum one-year contract history.


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