Can You Get a Mortgage If You Are Self Employed

Can You Get a Mortgage If You Are Self Employed? Yes, See The Answers Here

Here is a very helpful overview and we will answer your questions about can you get a mortgage if you are self employed. I am positive and optimistic that you can move towards your own property journey and improve your financial circumstances.


Get Mortgage Self Employed

It is not difficult to receive a mortgage if you are self employed.

Nonetheless, a misconception which self employed applicants have is that they’re only qualified for a mortgage if they are employed or they’ll be unable to acquire a mortgage.

It is true to say that with the self certification mortgages they are more limited on the market.

But for self employed individuals, the mortgage marketplace is as open to them as it is to anyone else.

Lenders are extremely receptive to self employed applicants, and if you use a mortgage agent, you’ll obtain all the details and advice required to assist an independent applicant in the mortgage procedure.

In fact, I would strongly recommend speaking to a mortgage broker privately because they have an abundance of strategies and connections in the property world. This can really work to your advantage.

I’ve listed out a step-by-step guide on the process to permit you to find the best mortgage for your specific needs.

Get your accounts in order lenders are happy to provide mortgages to self employed and have or self assessment tax returns accessible.

If you haven’t already, click here to get a free quote for your tax returns and speak to a tax expert today.


Getting a Mortgage With No Accounts

Nevertheless, if you’re not able to get 3 years accounts you might still be capable to get a mortgage.

  • Speak to an accountant. Lenders prefer borrowers to hire an accountant to prepare self employed accounts.
  • Important: Some lenders say the accountant chartered or has to be licensed – keep this in mind when choosing one.
  • Ensure that your credit is good and that you’re permissible to be lent to.
  • Determine how much you really can afford and set your finances in place to empower you to receive the maximum lend.


Getting a Mortgage Self Assessment UK

Understand your SA302 a SA302 or a self assessment tax return is the equivalent of a P60 for an employed applicant.

It provides the annual income of the applicant.

Since 2012, self employed applicants are being asked for SA302’s by almost all Mortgage Lenders.

SA302’s provide lenders with a solid indicator of the affordability of a mortgage that’s to be offered to the applicant or borrower.

Talk to your accountant to receive your SA302’s.

Shop around for the best deal and find the right area and property which you’ll be satisfied with.

This is an essential decision and will likely be the largest investment you make.

You may want to ensure you get the right house, how to move due to being unhappy with the property you’ve chosen can be a costly process.

Remember to find a good mortgage agent, or a mortgage company, who make sure that their customers should get the right mortgage product which suits their individual requirements.

Furthermore, all the mortgage agent agencies should work with a strict set of values that revolve around the policy of treating clients fairly.

Lastly, research refinancing mortgages, personal finance and business loans so that you consider all positive routes for your long-term goals.


All in all, I hope that this helps you to feel more comfortable with the question can you get a mortgage if you are self employed.


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