Ronnie Screwvala Interview: Secret behind his Success Story as an Entrepreneur


One of the most successful entrepreneurs in India, Ronnie Screwvala shares the tricks of the trade with Shoma Chaudhury at Algebra The Arts and Ideas Club on 20 May 2018.

While talking about what drives entrepreneurship, Ronnie Screwvala says that entrepreneurs should “act on their own vision because at the end of the day that’s what is going to get them going every single day when they face challenges”.

While talking about the initial struggles his team faced, he says, “everyone told us we didn’t have any business to be in the business, but our entrepreneurial approach was that we don’t have a choice and that’s what kept us going forward”.

Credited with pioneering cable TV in India, Ronnie Srewvala founded UTV in 1990, which he later divested to Walt Disney. He has also co-founded the NGO “The Swades Foundation”, “UpGrad”, an online higher education company and “U Sports”, a sports company which focusses on Football, Kabaddi and E-sports. He has also authored a book titled, “Dream with Your Eyes Open”.

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