I Got 19 Problems But An Accountant Ain’t One

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Today my inspiration or title came from the great Jay Z. Today I want to reveal the importance of having your own Online Accountant.

… Truth is most digital business owners, self employed personnel, and small business owners skip out on the step of getting an accountant, yet today after you read this list I’m sure it will open your mind back up to getting one.

19 Reasons You Need an Online Accountant –

1.     To determine the best business structure. Some people will benefit from a sole proprietorship, limited company and so on. Each one has its importance and benefit depending on what you want to do.

2.     Assist with the financial portion of your business plan. Have you wasted money on traffic and trainings? I know I have and the only way around that is through accurate financial planning.

3.     Provide advice on opening a business bank account.

4.     Provide advice on the best accounting software to use.

5.     To get you all of the credits and deductions you deserve (if you missed out this year make sure you don’t miss out again. It is a game changer).

6.     Provide advice on how to track expenses.

7.     To make sure you know the benefits and requirements with outsourcers and employees.

8.     To remind you of the importance of having separate personal and business accounts.

9.     To close your books at the end of the year.

10. To explain your financial statements.

11. To determine when and how to send your PAYE information and new RTI submissions.

12. To help you prevent investigations for poor record-keeping.

13. To help you see areas in your business where there is growth and decline or room for improvement.

14. For saving you time on the bookkeeping.

15. To create a budget.

16. So you can have peace of mind.

17. To help you increase your business credit.

18. So, you are aware of any changes in tax law.

19. Savings for your kids and family.

 * Ask yourself if you can afford not to ensure your accounts are accurate and submitted on time?

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