Review of TORRAS Slim Fit Anti-Scratch Resistant Cover Case for Apple iPhone 7

TORRAS brings this very slim and pocket-ready cover case for iPhone. The ultra-thin & ultra-light case gives the phone protection without compromising of having a bulky look and weight on your phone. It caters precise cut-outs as original iPhone that gives the phone a professional appearance. Very sleek and stylish, it has matte finished process, flexible to touch with button protection and it comes in 6 different colours (Space Black, Navy Blue, Blush Gold, Red, Rose Gold & Violet Red).

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Before buying this product, please be aware that some customers say that the case does not meant to protect your phone from major falls. It is not recommended for those with constant butterfingers as it’s not as grippy compare to other cases. All in all it is best recommended if you’re into light weight feel, thus, making this product with 4.5 customers rating. Cases are also available for iPhone 8.

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